Mantra Meditation and its Benefits

Mantra Meditation

Mantra is a combination of two words Man and Tra (which is a Sanskrit word that relates to projections and vibrations). Mantra meditation plays a very important role in Hinduism and is closely related to your state of mind and keeping it calm and quiet.

Pronunciations of words can create vibrations in the mind that can result in the awakening of powers. So while chanting mantras there is an occurrence of vibrations that can alert the mind. Sound is a very important element that is powerful and produces energy.

In the ancient times sages used this concept of Mantras and developed a collection called the stotra. These mantras were used as a powerful energy source to awaken the magic within you. But with it you need to be focused and that can be solved with meditation.

Benefits of mantra meditation

  1. Mantra meditation is easy and can be carried out by any one irrespective of his age, gender, caste or class. People, who practice mantra meditation, have certain effects on the body. Meditation means sitting quietly in a place without any disturbance and without any thoughts running in the mind.
  2. It helps to cope with restlessness, stress, blood pressure, diseases of the mind and body and relaxes your mind to keep your fresh and alert. That can help you have a clear mind to solve problems. During meditations, the blood flow relaxes and increases the Aginine vasopressin.
  3. It helps to build self esteem, which is essential in life. The faith in you is what will take you forward to experience happiness.
  4. Keeping the mind calm and thinking rationally is what a calm mind can do for you. The rights and wrongs of this life can be judged properly if you keep your mind clear and calm. The mantra meditation has a lot of effect on the mind that in turn helps the body to react in a positive way.
  5. It helps you to enjoy what life provides you as you no longer are in thoughts that can control you. You can control anger, pride, lust, jealousy, hatred, etc. by chanting mantras.

What happens when we recite a mantra?

When mantras are repeated, the tuning of particular frequencies that contact the cosmic energy takes place and enters our body and the place we live. Thus energy is produced and we can increase the level of any particular energy that can help support actions.

Gayatri is a universal mantra and helps to awaken the energy and the intelligent quotient, which can guide humans by spiritual method. Adolescents are more prone to anger, frustrations or hatred, which is why the Gayatri mantra would be better if they chanted it at the adolescent stage.

The process will definitely change the way you think and also your actions. It can positively affect many channels of the body. Channels are known as Naadi and this is the pathway from which energy flows. When you meditate the Gayatri mantra, the Alpha waves are awakened and the brain becomes responsive.

During meditation the adrenaline hormone lowers along with the cortisol levels and lactate. The Gayatri mantra comprises of 24 sounds, all the 24 sounds have different type of energy.

The Gayatri Mantra comes from the 24 sages who have contributed to the sounds. The Gayatri Mantra is one of the significant mantras that were chanted by sages.

Mantra Meditation for adolescents

Adolescents face a confusing phase and get rebellious toward their parents. This is where the Gayatri mantra can help children and adolescents.

The sound energy generates physical vibrations in the body that helps the mind. An adolescent mind can learn to cope with solving multitude issues relating to their rage and have a relaxed attitude.


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