Live In Spirit

Live In Spirit

Dr. Wayne Dyer in one of his recent works titled “Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling” talks about the importance of living “In-spirit.” But the word “spirit” here does not mean enthusiasm or optimistic thoughts as one might think.

Dr. Dyer talks about Spirit as the source from which everything in nature originally flows. When we live in spirit, we live in harmony with this source and life feels good.

The opposite also holds true. Optimistic thoughts and a positive attitude come to us very naturally when we are in-spirit. No special effort needs to be made to live in that natural state since that is the way our Source intended us to be.

How does one live In Spirit?

But how does one live in spirit? The answer lies in understanding and accepting the presence of the Source in everything in our life as well as in everyone around us.

The biggest challenge to live in spirit comes from living in ego. When we are driven by (and overly concerned with) our ego, our connection to the Source breaks almost automatically.

Whatever momentary pleasures we get from our ego kicks are not really worth the inner discomfort that comes along with living in ego which is in direct contrast to the bliss that comes with living in Spirit.

When one is in Spirit, one feels light, content and peaceful. One is able to see beauty in God’s creations and feel inspired as one goes from one blessed day to another.

It’s a feeling of being connected with one’s Soul which helps one in feeling connected with the universal Spirit as well. It’s a subtle feeling yet it’s more blissful and satisfying than any other experience in life.

But how does one get there? And once there, how does one remain there?

The most important thing to do in one’s practical life is to identify the ego within oneself and reduce it gradually since the ego doesn’t let us remain in peace. The ego gives us a false sense of identity that makes us feel cut-off and isolated from everyone and everything.

The more egoistic a person is, the more isolated he or she would feel since the feeling of being connected and in harmony with the world at large would be reduced or missing completely at times. But that is not the way to be naturally and hence the discomfort of being in that state.

A Story

Dr. Dyer shared a wonderful example in one of his lectures of a man who was trying to look for his keys that had got lost inside his house. While he was looking for the key, the lights went out and the house became dark.

Since he couldn’t see anything inside the house, he went outside in the street where there was a street light on and he started to look for the key over there. When a woman saw him looking for something desperately, she volunteered to help.

She asked him what he was looking for and when he had last seen it. On hearing his reply, she laughed at him and asked him why he was looking for the key he had lost inside his house outside in the street.

He replied that it was dark inside and he couldn’t see anything there so he thought it might be a good idea to come outside and look.

The action of the man in the story might sound ridiculous to us but that is pretty much what most of us do in our lives as well. We look for solutions to problems outside of ourselves in the world instead of looking where the problem originally lies (within ourselves).

The reason we look outside instead of inside is the same as the reason the man in the story above shared for looking for his key in the street light outside. It is dark inside and that’s why it seems simpler to look outside for the key. But no matter how much you look outside, you’ll never find the solution there because the disturbance is inside.

Conclusion – Live in Spirit

When we focus on our inner world and make an effort to connect with our soul through meditation and prayer, we feel connected and in harmony with our Source. And that is living in spirit. Live in spirit!!

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