Life and Death – Too Strange to Live, Too Rare to Die

Life and Death

When my father was losing his grip on life, I went through tremendous agony. After having lost him I would often plunge into thoughts as to what life and death are really all about.

I started living my life in the past and tried to hold on to every little thing that reminded me of him (and my mother whom I had already lost), in an attempt to etch them permanently in my mind. Friends and relatives offered words of comfort but I was inconsolable.

Living for the moment

As the days rolled by, I tried to swim out of the grief. One fine morning as I looked out of the window, the glowing rays of the sun soaked me completely. I nested hungrily in the golden warmth of the healing rays. The birds were chirping merrily, the lush green grass was swaying in excitement to welcome a new day.

I realized then that I had foolishly allowed myself to sink into sadness. To find my father and mother, I simply had to look at myself to see their reflection or listen to my inner voice to hear their guiding words.

It dawned on me that life and death are the two sides of a coin, they come together. As soon as a person dies, he starts living in the heart of his dear ones.

Understanding Life and Death

Death is an integral part of life. We are nothing but a lump of clay molded with dexterity by the nimble figures of the Almighty. Each of us has been given a specific assignment to fulfil.

The moment that is over, God calls us back. We play our desired roles but somewhere in the journey we get attached to worldly possessions and cling to this ephemeral body forgetting that we are just a part of a larger play. Everything is transient and this is the truth of life.

Accepting the death of a loved one

Death is universal. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is not easy. You have to face it by holding your wits together. For yesterday is a history, tomorrow a mystery, today is a gift and that’s why they call it the present. Live every moment to the fullest . . . who knows when God might call.

When my parents passed away, I was devastated. I gave into emotions of revenge, anger, resentment and burning fury. Could this turmoil inside me bring back my parents to life? No. It was initially very difficult to deal with the loss.

The passing of a loved one is saddening but we can honor their lives by upholding their spirits and teachings. Do not allow deep despair in your hearts as it will only increase the gnawing pain.

It is better to illuminate your heart and soul with loving memories of your near ones and you will realize the truth that heaven is not that far. Choose the path of love, kindness and good karma to help the soul of your loved one rest in peace.

Be strong and embrace Life and Death

My parent’s demise has made me stronger and I have treated their loss as a stepping stone to spiritual evolvement. We must learn to value each day of our life and savor it, moment by moment .

All those who believe in amassing their energy for the future should take a cue from the dying musician who repented that he spent all his time in stringing up his instrument such that there was no time left for him to perform. Life and Death – who would endure life if it were not for the hope of death.

Life belongs to the living and those who wish to live accept changes. Life is today! So smile and enjoy life to the fullest!


About the Author

Shobha Agarwal is an avid reader. She believes in humanism and that the beauty of human life lies in living a life free from retaliation and regrets.

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