Learning from Failure

Learning from Failure

Failure can change your life. Yeah, so I have heard! But I have also heard that failure is the primary reason for success. The wisdom that one achieves by learning from failure is indisputable. They say that until one fails, the success story is never accomplished. What I think is that success becomes sweeter if you taste failure. People are right when they say failure turns a man smarter.

Well, some might differ in their opinion, because I too have seen people go into a shell or commit suicide when they have failed at anything—maybe business or marriage or even 8th grade! Yeah failure can be seen anywhere. Even the most famous people, industrialists, celebrities, doctors, and artists have tasted failure.

Failure can change your life for the better. Sometimes in life, it is not success that defines us, but failure. Evolving to a culture of failure that leads us to greater successes is going to be an amazing place to live.

The mindset we need isn’t the positive-thinking mantra that failure is impossible; it’s that failures are inevitable, and for good reason. ~ Claire May (Tweet this)

Bring the positive change

People who have failed either commit suicide or work hard to achieve what they want. That’s the reason why I say that failure changes your life forever. You do not have to take failure as something that is not reversible. Okay, you have made a mistake that does not mean you have to stop living.

Take some time, think about the future, ways to change your life: maybe a change of place, a change in the way you work, or maybe you simply need time off.

Someone once said “life is full of screw-up’s. You’re supposed to fail sometimes, it’s a required part of human progress.”

Think of failure as something that hasn’t worked for you. Learning from failure helps you become a better individual as failures teach you what NOT to do. Take failure as a lesson in your life. If failure is meant to show you the route to success, then take it in your stride. Remember failures are those who do not try or take a second chance. They simply cease to exist.

Reflect on your failure

I don’t say that you do not have to feel bad or hopeless; yes you do get these emotions that make you feel empty inside as if nothing is left for you in this world. Get up! You do not have to brood. Take a closer look at the things that did not go your way. Were you wrong in your judgment? Or think of the reason that fate has put a hurdle in your way to success. This will definitely help you learn the errors and you will not make that mistake again.

Learning from failure and succeeding is not an easy task. You have to first confront the failure, give your 100% towards achieving your next goal and then set yourself up for success.

Take responsibility

The blame game should be stopped immediately. Excuses are not called for. Just a single defeat does not mean a final defeat. I have seen many people who have succeeded in their third attempt. Once you get up from your failure, there is nothing looking back. You will learn from past mistakes. You will be more responsible, more careful in your approach and think rational.

Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson (Tweet this)

Just because you have failed in some walk of life does not label you as a failure. I don’t care how many times you have failed; I would say you are a slow learner! But, you will make it happen.

But the most essential thing for a person who is going through failure is to get up. I would like to tell them to learn from those experiences, grow and improve. Life is not restricted to failures. They are sure to come. Welcome them and take them in your stride.

You know what Kennedy said,” Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” Now do you think he would say something like this without experiencing failure? Most of the famous people here have been great failures. They never looked back; instead they worked harder and made everyone look up to them.

Timid people never taste success. They cry and try to find excuses for their failures. They blame others for their failures and run away from reality.

Conclusion – Learning from failure

The spectrum of reasons for your failure can be varied, but learning from failure is what brings in a change in your attitude towards life. I would conclude by saying to start again, but start smarter. Failure is not always a bad thing as it creates great learning experiences in reality. No one expects to fail, but no one can avoid failing, either!

Stay open to all that happens to you, and don’t worry about failing. You just never know when the next opportunity will come along to change your life.


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