Learn to Forgive

Learn to Forgive

We need to learn to let things go. Learn to forgive. Forgiving never makes one weak. It only empowers you or gives you the strength to move on with life. It gives you the courage to stand and fight against odds yet to come.

In order to progress and move forward in life we need to shun the bitter memories of past as the first step.  When we do so we relieve ourselves of a great burden and can instantly feel light and free. Some people say that if you lose three people you meet thirty new people in life. But the point is to realize that the vacuum created in our lives due to the absence of some near and dear one is impossible to get re-filled.

If we spoil our relationship with a kin or a friend, a sibling or our parents the damage is irreplaceable. So, you may ask what the solution is. To this my friend, I would say, the solution is to learn to forgive.  The more we forgive others the more we reduce the chances of being left alone.

Whom to Forgive?

When we make a list of people we resent or hold grudges against and need to forgive in order to make our own lives beautiful, the top-most entry in the list ought to be our own names. Why? Let us understand. When you forgive yourself for the mistake you know you have committed (whether knowingly or unknowingly), you free yourself of a lot of guilt, fear, despair, agony and anxiety that you might have held on to for too long.

By forgiving yourself you free your mind, energize your body and soul for further self-improvement. When you are free of the burden of guilt you are on your way of attracting positive vibes from your surroundings to make the desired improvement in your thoughts and actions so as not to repeat the mistake again.

The more you are self-conscious and under the clutches of doubt, the more you disseminate negativity all around you, thereby holding yourself from improving on a personal basis.

By saying those three simple words, “I forgive you,” lives and relationships have been dramatically saved again and again. ~ John Gray

Self-Respect vs Ego

Most of the problems we face in life are due to nothing else but our own sense of self. There is a fine line between self-respect and ego. The day you realize this and understand how to differentiate between the two, half of life’s miseries will vanish.

There are times when we experience irreplaceable damage due to others and it becomes almost impossible for us to forgive the offender. But when we hold emotions of resentment against any such person, we generate a hurtful feeling within ourselves making us more and more ill inside. This grudge that we hold does no harm to the other person. It only makes our own selves more and more gloomy.

But as they say, ‘Whatever happens, happens for good.’ The damage thus occurred also has a brighter side. It has given you a valuable experience for a lifetime, a chance to learn from your mistake, a chance to add to your knowledge.

Conclusion – Learn to Forgive

It is important that you learn to forgive but not forget. Following this path will give you mental peace as well as save you from any further betrayals or bad experiences.

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Rohini Jha is an author, writer, poet and a management graduate. She ardently believes in taking life one day at a time. A spiritually inclined person, she treads life on the path of growth and self-improvement with a firm view that whatever happens, happens for the better.

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