10 Ways To Overcoming Guilt

Overcome Guilt

Holding yourself responsible for hurting someone (either intentionally or accidentally) is called guilt. Overcoming guilt can be a major challenge because it is a common emotional reaction that acts as an “alarm mechanism.” This makes us aware that values have been violated. It’s meant to be there… so, overcoming guilt isn’t always easy but you’ll need to, eventually, because guilt is a terrible emotion to live with.

Alan’s brother was suffering from a terrible disease which needed specialized attention. Experienced relatives suggested some good hospitals and doctors but he ignored their advice. Seeing that his brother’s health kept deteriorating, Alan finally admitted him to a good hospital for treatment.

By then, though… he was too late and the condition had turned from bad to worse. Within two week’s time his brother passed away leaving behind two teenage children. The untimely death of his brother shattered Alan. He felt guilty and kept repeating , “Had I only listened to my relatives I could have saved my brother.”

Overcoming guilt: General causes

  • Being emotionally attached to someone and not being able to take appropriate action which leads to a negative result.
  • Saying things or acting inappropriately in a rage of anger that could hurt a person’s emotions deeply.
  • Procrastinate on solving an important issue, but if timely action was taken it would have stopped the storm.
  • Crossing limits by ignoring the values of another person.
  • Inability to realize dreams due to slackness.
  • Intentionally acting on selfish motives to overstep others.

Overcoming guilt: impact

The impact of guilt differs as it is dependent on the cognitive and social development of a person, but it definitely acts like an alarm clock to keep vigilance on our actions and reactions. A rapid learner will stay alert to these alarms and mend their ways instead of suffering from guilt. Alternatively, a person with a negative mental state will sink into depression, anxiety, stress and experience health problems. Overcoming guilt is important, but once you get a better idea of why you feel guilty don’t run from it. Solve it properly.

Let’s find some corrective ways of overcoming guilt

  1. Apologize to the affected person and offer maximum help.
  2. Sit calmly with your closed eyes to analyze the situation. Maybe there is no valid reason to feel guilty.
  3. Don’t be shy. Discuss the real reasons and situations and seek guidance.
  4. Confess the guilt to God and seek blessings. It strengthens you.
  5. Stop reminding yourself about the misdeed. The act is done and that can’t be changed. However, time is a great healer. Let it heal on its own. Divert attention by doing something good.
  6. Remember nobody is perfect and everyone is correct from their own point of view. So don’t ALWAYS hold yourself accountable for negative events.
  7. If you look back and try to observe, you’ll find that even unavoidable unfortunate circumstances and events pave the way for spiritual growth.
  8. Forgive yourself for the past mistakes. Blaming only enhances the pain and keeps you from improving.
  9. Pray and thank God for giving you another chance for corrective measures.
  10. Meditate and be a peaceful soul. This helps speed healing of your mind and your soul.


Feeling guilty is not a negative element. On the contrary it is a healthy sign of a good human being which gives you a chance for self growth. So come out of the guilt web and save yourself from agony.

Overcoming guilt helps us work positively towards bringing goodness to the lives of those around us.  Healthy guilt is necessary as it acts as a protector of an individual values and society’s health.


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