How to Live a Meaningful Life

Live a Meaningful Life

What is life and how to live a meaningful life?? This is the first question when we think of our lives philosophically. Yes, it is complex, yet simple because it is we who are living and know what it is all about. Life is something that needs to be lived fully. Life without liveliness is just not life.

Living it with happiness and peace is what makes life worth living.

We plan in our life, we want to live according to our thinking and the way we want to. Well nothing is wrong with that. Everybody has a right to live a life according to their wishes. But is it meaningful?

Keep life simple

Yes, most people live because they have life within or their heart beats are still counting. They do not know the essence of life or some do not know that there is a meaning to their life. So ask yourself a question: how to live a meaningful life ?

To begin with, living life to the fullest does not mean that you have to spend lots of money and live like a king. The essence of life is happiness and happiness is achieved through your deeds. Have you ever watched a baby smile? Well isn’t that pure and selfless? You instantly smile back. You do not hesitate to smile, that’s because you know that the baby is pure within and so you reciprocate.

The very thought of ‘pure’ makes one feel good. So why not begin by living in purity. Make your life pure with your good deeds, by loving others, being compassionate and helping others.

Experience what you get in return! It would definitely be amazing. Not only will you get a feeling of satisfaction and contentment, you will be happy within and your face will light up. Besides, people will start loving you for what you have done for them.

Well, this is not simple, because you have to keep aside your hate, anger, revenge, ego, etc. and then reach out to people.

How to live a meaningful life?

What I said above may not be easy for many. But there are a few things that are simple and will definitely make a difference.

1. Believe in Yourself: Love yourself first and you will love others too. The feeling of happiness comes from within and if you are not happy, you will not make others happy. And thus your life will be nothing but a vacuum.

2. Lend your Ears: There are thousands of people who want to share their sorrows or simply want to talk it out. You too want someone to listen to you . . . but remember there is someone out there who wants to be heard. So the next time you start your lecture, just hold back and listen to what they want to say. They will be grateful.

3. Respect others: Respect those who are old or young or even your colleagues, your employees or your grandparents. By doing this, respect will come back to you. You do not have to boast about your achievements or your position. Otherwise you will be left alone.

4. Help someone: By that I don’t mean that your help should be in terms of money. It can be as simple as walking their dogs or looking after a kid for a few hours or even giving them a lift at the market. This is going to make you happy and your life meaningful.

5. Believe in giving: Just don’t think of giving in terms of material things. You can help others by giving your time, your company, your advice, your love and your guidance. The more you give, the more your life will find meaning in it.


You can derive meaning out of life by doing things that give you happinessWhat matters is what you want to do with your life.  Meaningful life is different from one man to another.

Giving back to society can also be a way to find meaning out of life. Be grateful towards life by living with a purpose. Life is about the journey, not the destination. Living a life of purpose gives both fulfillment and meaning to your journey.

The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose ~ Chuck Gallozzi (Tweet this)

Meaningful life gives us a sense of direction.  It lets us spot opportunities to express ourselves in ways that give us feelings of satisfaction and self-worth!

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