How To Impress People – 3 Simple Ways

Impress People

Who can truly say life is fair? Have you noticed often it is not the best person who is selected, but the one who makes the best first impression—a sad but true fact of life. How to impress people, how to leave them speechless, how to win their hearts, etc. . . . These are some of the questions that often come to our mind.

In order to succeed in the modern world and impress people, a person has to stay one step ahead in everything; looks, attitude, posture, and communications.

Emily Post was the last word in etiquette some time ago, Today her descendants run an online website that gives insights on business etiquette, everyday etiquette, etiquette for weddings, corporate events and more.

Did you know it’s a first impression that can make or break a deal? The mental imagery created on first impression guides how a relationship will develop and fructify.

Stand Tall, Conquer

Prepare for any meeting (work related or personal) with a positive mind frame. Before you leave home sit for a moment and clear your mind of any cobwebs that may be there. Set aside any upsetting emotions or harsh words that may have happened the day before or in the morning.

Breathe deeply, straighten your shoulders like a soldier and decide “I am the conqueror, the universe.” Try not to let fears cloud your mind or heart, worrying within will seep through and show in your body language. Always smile readily when you approach the person you are about to meet. Try and walk confidently forward, and when greeting the person maintain eye contact.

A leading art-historian and wife of an industrialist was known to be charming; her personality always shone through. She did not have to do much to impress people around her. She always said, “imagine yourself to be a queen of all you survey, and never think of someone as superior to you or an enemy,” and you will find all avenues open to you.

Hone your Body Language

Body language speaks volumes. This is a very important art required to impress people. The internet and personality development books all extol the virtues of perfecting body language.

When we were young my mother used to make us walk with a fat telephone book balanced on our heads. She used to say that exercise would ensure we walked with our back straight, shoulders broad and head held high.

As we grew we realized that models perfected their ramp walk by balancing books on their head. If you have even driven through rural India you will see many young and old women with perfect posture carrying water pots all balanced one atop the other on their heads, hands swinging by their sides and hips swaying gently.

It is not just about walking—try and take a look at how you sit before others, always be comfortable and don’t perch on the edge of a chair or sofa.

Never let the tension you may feel within show through. Relax your shoulders, don’t cross your hands, try not to fidget, and look up at the person when you are speaking. During a conversation, say that you don’t know or have not understood if you need to, be honest and never hide behind falsities.

Have you noticed that many leaders use their hands very effectively when they speak? You need to practice. Otherwise your hands could flail around and cause distractions. One tip most experts give is to practice body language in front of a mirror so that you perfect the postures.

It’s all about confidence

Ultimately life is a success when you believe in yourself. Self-confidence wins many battles, so try and boost your self-confidence levels. This is the best weapon to impress people.

Don’t let the weather or mean people erase your positivity. So spruce yourself up, dress well, wear colors that suit you and clothes that make you feel positive.

Conclusion – How to Impress People

Inject energy into your stride; introduce a small exercise routine into your life and practice good health and vitality. Watch world leaders on television and learn how they exude confidence.

However take care not to change who you are—if you don new mantles that are not the real you, it will fall apart. The skill of impressing people can be learned. Nobody is born with it. So, go out, impress people along the way and take on the world!


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