How to Find Inner Peace

Inner Peace

Inner peace…is a kind of contentment that suffuses your being with a feeling of gladness and gratitude, a feeling that makes you caring and detached at the same time, a feeling that your mind, body and soul have all welded together into one glorious entity…And there are zillions of resources out there waiting to assist you achieve it. Among the hundreds of suggestions coming your way from these resources, here are some.

Have fun! Spending quality time with loved ones, a vacation, volunteering at a service center that helps the less privileged, listening to music and reading… Make sure that you set aside some time for yourself and enjoy every single moment.

Samantha spends all her time looking after her big family. They adore her and cannot do without her wonderful meals. She is cheerful without being maddening, fun loving without being reckless and caring without being over protective. The secret of her balancing act? She says that the luxury spa break she takes once in 6 months with her best friends keeps her going!

Simplify your life as much as possible. Opt for smart time management. Keep the ‘Things to Do’ list as short as possible and set short-term goals.

For instance, limit internet access for personal use to once a day. Set aside some time for Facebook, Twitter and Inbox management once a day. This way you get some unbelievable quality time on your hands to accomplish so many tasks that have lagged behind due to sheer procrastination.

Forgiveness, acceptance and tolerance are beautiful words to utter but so tricky when it is your turn to demonstrate them. There are so many layers of negativity, misunderstanding miscommunication, hurt and one-upmanship to cross over before you can forgive, accept or show tolerance to some situations and to a few people.

For those who seek inner peace, it is time to let go. Widen your perspective so that you begin to understand why some people behave as they do and why certain situations come to be.

Optimism goes a long way to help you feel good. Optimism that is grounded in reality is the need of the day. Only you know what is unique, what is good and what is not so good about the aspects that define your life. Take time out to analyze them and create a framework of hope, hard work and dedication for leading your life in future.

After a horrific accident, a brilliant engineer friend of mine fell into a coma for 8 months. When he woke up, we were so relieved, but he could not move his limbs. Today, 18 months after the accident, he is undergoing intense therapy. Doctors and therapists cautiously allow us a glimmer of hope that he may walk again.

His parents are devastated; yet, for every extra minute he stands without support, for every puzzle he solves without assistance, hopes rise high and his care givers look forward to the day he can be almost like his old self again.

Doctors credit his parents that their positive attitude, dedicated care and mental strength have played great roles in the son’s slow but steady progress.

Be gentle towards others and towards yourself. Harsh words, harsh actions and unreachable personal goals (that seem lofty and instrumental for a successful endeavor) are better avoided.

The ability to listen, imbibe and put into practice good advice is a smart way to learn to feel good. Learn Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Pilates, anything that improves your outlook and overall health… These routines de-stress, calm and make you ready to take life’s challenges head on.

Rise above envy and the desire to have more. Desire, they say, is the root cause of all evil. It is easy for a writer to let the words flow on your electronic screen, but tough for anyone, to put to practice. A sincere effort, however, can lead you nearer to attaining a wonderful sense of peace inside.

Keep your sense of humor intact. A cheerful attitude during a tense situation (while every effort is being made to set it right) helps you and others remain calm and alert.

Inner peace – Conclusion

William Arthur Ward said, “Happiness is an inside job”. Once you start feeling content and fulfilled from inside, everything seems to fit into place and life becomes a glorious journey of love, dedication and achievements.

Inner peace  is not the absence of war; it is a virtue , a state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence and justice. It is the happy natural state of man.


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