5 Tips on How to Deal with Emotions and Sensitivity

How to Deal with Emotions

How to deal with emotions? You cannot change them. However, you can learn how to be with them, live peacefully with them, and transmute them. At times we all feel a little left out, afraid, or maybe a little sensitive but that doesn’t mean that we are weak or don’t have the potential to become all that we dream.

If we are over-sensitive it may be difficult for us to manage these changes as we may feel a bit vulnerable, threatened, or dominated by the thoughts of others.

Being over-sensitive is not at all a bad thing but it hinders the way we look at things and our approach towards the world. Hence, it is of utmost importance that we balance our emotions with confidence and boldness to bring about positive changes in our life. Really . . . we were all born with emotions.

They are neither good nor bad, they just are.  Emotions dissipate and slowly disappear if you feel them, and are present with them.

John D. (Jack) Mayer says, “Emotions operate on many levels.  They have a physical aspect as well as a psychological aspect.  Emotions bridge thought, feeling, and action—they operate in every part of a person, they affect many aspects of a person, and the person affects many aspects of the emotions.”

How To Deal with Emotions and Sensitivity

1. Be Sincere About Your Feelings

One of the major reasons for our sensitivity is the reaction of our mind towards different situations. In other words, the way our mind reacts to the events or the challenges in front of us determines our approach towards it.

For this we need to look inside and ask ourselves a simple question about what we really want. Often, this first step is hard to take but once you do this, you gain control over your thinking. This process involves going over your ‘hows, whats, and whys,’ which will give a clear vision of the future.

2. Find Out The Reasons For Your Sensitivity

Often we are sensitive to certain specific things or certain areas. These are our triggers. They can be related to our five senses, certain colors, images, the events of the past, or even some people.

We need to categorize these things and dig out the reason that they exploit our emotions in this way. After you realize this, make a list of triggers. Literally write them down on a sheet of paper and then write down your thoughts about them. This will help you find a way out and realize the exact reasons behind them.

3. Take Your Time

How to deal with emotions is a tricky question. It’s no joke and it needs time.  Certain emotions just hang on, regardless of what you do. You need to give yourself enough space before taking any further steps to deal with your sensitivity and you need to be prepared for what you will find. Otherwise it’s like going into a desert without a map.

You need to figure out the ‘hows, whys and whats’ of your triggers before you go any further with this guide, and then after you find all your reasons and triggers you can start training your mind for the everyday things.

4. Being Patient

“Rome was not built in a day.” Sensitivity is just like habits. They don’t go away over night. You need time to deal with them and an immense amount of patience. Once you have laid the foundation you need to work on it slowly and then step by step you will build a house of your dreams.

You should try to find the good in every situation no matter how bad it is or how real it is. You just need to keep a calm head and to tell yourself that you can surely do it.

5. Meditation

Meditation will help you explore your sensitivity. At first you may find it useless or a waste of time but as time goes on you will realize its power and the soothing effect it gives you. Meditation will provide you with peace of mind and purity of thoughts. Hence, take one step at a time no matter how hard or challenging it is because one small step is better than sinking all your efforts into despair.


An emotionally sensitive person is like a fragile person or a person who should be handled with care. The biggest problem is that most people don’t have enough knowledge to realize that they are dealing with an emotionally sensitive person and so they may cause a lot of pain without realizing this.

Emotions may seem confusing and threatening but applying the above practical and clear-cut approach reveals emotions for what they really are: useful, informative and far from murky.

Emotionally sensitive people usually have creative abilities and that’s why they sometimes excel at art or poetry. Emotions are a part of what makes life rich and fascinating. They are also part of what makes life challenging at times.

It is because I think so much of warm and sensitive hearts, that I would spare them from being wounded ~ Charles Dickens (Tweet this)

How to deal with emotions? Emotions are so much a part of who we are as people that we cannot possibly avoid them. You can control them, you can manage them (lest they manage you), and you can get on top of them.

It is difficult to be one of those who feel more than others, but it is part of the package deal of being highly sensitive. I hope by now you are proud of your trait. I hope that if you could choose whether or not to be born highly sensitive, you would choose it again.


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Shobha Agarwal is an avid reader. She believes in humanism and that the beauty of human life lies in living a life free from retaliation and regrets.

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