Life Is Unpredictable – Learn To Accept It

Life is unpredictable
Everyone will agree that life is unpredictable and many times we are put to the test by it. This is the time when we can marshal all our abilities and our willpower to taste victory. Though the level of will power, confidence and tolerance differ from person to person, this spark is definitely there in each one of us.

Keep this spark alive within yourself and strengthen it each moment so that you can sail through the rough situations smoothly.

Your vision towards life

The magnitude of your vision will decide whether your life is beautiful or not. The choice is always in your hand. An aunt of mine always replies “Going Strong” whenever you ask her how she is. Even in an extremely unfavorable circumstance she would always reply with a smiling face, saying, “I am going strong.”

Her aura of courage and happiness is so magnetic that people around her constantly gets a dose of strength from her.

Life is Unpredictable – Accept life as it comes

Recently I was watching a reality show when a girl with one leg appeared on stage. When asked what will she do, she announced, “I will dance.” Judges were surprised how anybody could dance with just one leg and without any support. When she started dancing everyone was amazed.

The audience shouted. The judges stood up and clapped for her courage, her strength and her zeal. This was a positive vision towards life that encouraged her to accept life’s challenges. Neither the girl on the reality show, nor the famous classical dancer Sudha Chandran could have imagined in their wildest dreams that such an unpredictable moment will come their way, yet it wasn’t until after Chandran lost her leg that she became a dancer and was catapulted to world-wide fame for the one thing no one believed she could do: dance.

They both met with an accident, they both lost one of their legs, and yet still they both believed that they could dance, and dance they did. I salute their will power and burning spirit to fight for their dreams that led them to stand against the sometimes harsh winds of the world.

They both accepted life’s challenge and have set an example that nothing can defeat you, unless you, yourself accept the defeat. Such people compel us to look deep inside ourselves and contemplate the driving forces that would have led them to turn their disabilities into such great strengths. Remember: had life been what they had expected it to be, neither would have lost a leg and then turned it into fame and fortune. Life is unpredictable… but that’s a good thing.

Elements of Strength

Life consists of different challenges be they mental, emotional or physical. No one said life would be easy but we can definitely make it better. The elements of strength which empowers us to lead a magnificent life:

  • Hold on to your willpower
  • Be confident of your abilities
  • Don’t accept or allow self-pity
  • Pain is a big motivator if you accept it
  • Respect yourself
  • Wipe out the words ‘why me’ from your mind
  • Remember “I might not win immediately, but definitely.”
  • Don’t allow problems to paralyze you, rather, discover who you are
  • There is always a ray of hope after darkness which shows you the right path


Accepting the problem changes the nature of problem. The problem no longer stays an obstacle but becomes a milestone. Keep in mind if you desire to blossom like a rose in the garden, then you must learn the art of adjusting with the thorns. Life is unpredictable.

Be grateful for every moment. Difficulties will make us shine. So accept that life is a challenge and let the fact that life is unpredictable become a source of strength to live a king-sized life.


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Vandana is a Personality Enhancement Trainer associated with various Corporate and Management Colleges.

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