How does Travelling change You

Travel, Travelling can be Fun

Travel truly transforms us in many ways; it can be in a positive way or negative way. It does change us unconsciously and may or may not be something that is permanent. We change in the way we perceive things and the new ideals and the culture that we see and experience in different parts of the world, do influence in the way we think and we live.

Travelling can be fun. Travel certainly changes your life for the better. The journeys never remain just a trip; we unknowingly adapt to new ways of living and thinking in a new way.

The World is Different Everywhere

Every part of the world is different; there are different beliefs, people, culture, food, habits, surroundings, nature etc. Our curiosity truly makes us do things that are out of our comfort zone. But, in such circumstances, we also try to discover ourselves and discover how different parts of the world influence us. If you are ready to experience the change that every place offers, you may just be ready to change your life for the better.

Travel broadens your horizons. Meeting new people is an exciting experience. You get to know their views on various matters and sometimes their culture is just a jolt for you that you never come out of for a while.

To travel is to take a journey into yourself. ~Danny Kaye (Tweet this)

Sometimes there are things that you love, but there are places where you can experience hostility as well. If you love travelling, this means you are ready for a change and are bored of the monotonous life that you live. More interesting is the fact that you get to taste different kinds of food that is served in various ways. Even if you live in one region for just about a week, you get to know that the culture is totally different.

Interacting with Different People

Once in a foreign country, you will definitely not know how to interact with people of that country. It is of course one of the biggest challenges in the new region. Body gestures are important and dressing up too. In a conservative country, you have to be more careful on how you talk to them and present yourself.

Some people are friendly and some may not be so. You need to be careful about the way you greet them or even ask for directions. You may even try to have patience as dealing with different people needs you to be thinking first and then talking.

Many people in various parts of the world have different habits and may like you to have them also. For example, greeting every person you meet on the street may be a habit with some cultures, while some simply don’t care. This has to be taken into consideration.

Things as simple as clothes also change you at times. Conservative countries will definitely need you to be dressed in full and never show your skin, which is not the case with many western countries. The outlook of some people towards those who are dressed improperly might even invite hostility and disregard. This might unknowingly make you adapt to some of such lifestyle and imbibe some as well.

Broader perspective

The more you travel, the more your perspective towards the world changes. News media talking about a particular country is different when you have directly interacted with the people of that country. When you live in a place and meet the people, you understand the real situation in that very country and how people live and think. People have their own stories to tell and you get to know the details.

However, those who never have experience of travelling never truly know the lives of people outside their region and are missing out.

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