Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body “Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body” is a proverb we have known since our early days. But we realize its importance and the deeper meaning attached to it only when we are old enough to think it over and give it some thought.

A healthy body refers not only to your physical state but also to your mental and emotional stability. It has now been scientifically proven that your mind governs and controls your body temple. A couple of days back (while attending a conference on ‘Stress Management’), I came across lots of facts that have remained hidden from the reach of laymen like you and me.

Disease occurs when your body temple is at ‘dis+ease’ i.e. when you deliberately take undesired work and subjugate it to pressure. As every action has an equal and opposite reaction; your body and mind respond to this undue pressure. An imbalance occurs, thereby leading to ‘STRESS’ and your body being at dis-ease.

Undue Pressure

Pressure can be both physical and mental. Mostly, in blue-collared jobs, physical pressure on the worker is visibly seen by others. This is something unavoidable as it is associated with the very nature of the job.

Still it becomes important for the individual in such a case to take care of his body so that he can continue taking work from it. Even a piece of metal breaks into pieces if it is bent more than what its tensile strength allows for! Similar is the case with humans. We all have a finite tolerance to exertion and pressure.

Everyone, including white-collared workers, housewives, teenagers and even children these days undergo huge amounts of mental stress, anxieties, even emotional breakdowns leading to a variety of psycho-somatic diseases; a vicious circle of ‘dis-ease’ in the mind and body without a clue to come out of the chain reaction.

Outcome of Undue Pressure

Pressure breaks the internal mechanism of an individual’s system. It has an adverse affect on his immune system. The earlier we realize this; the better it is for our well-being. So how do we get to a state of “Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body” amongst all this?

Natural ways to keep our body and mind healthy

There is no one-time pill that we can take to get a healthy mind, soul and body. To get to a state of “Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body” requires sustained efforts, even healing!

Some of the easy steps to get you out of this vicious and morbid cycle of disease and pain, will of course require regular and devoted efforts from you.

1. Water ‘Water is life.’ As we know, water is one of the most vital constituents of life. An easy way to keep your body sound is to adapt ‘Water Therapy’ in your life. It is advisable to drink at least 1.26 Liters of water before brushing your teeth in the morning.

This helps in washing off most of the harmful toxins, healing ailments such as gastric diseases, constipation, and hypertension; even reducing sugar levels in diabetics.

Apart from this your total water consumption should be at least 3.4 Liters every day. Water plays a significant role in the overall functioning of different organs. It cleanses the body of its impurities. Also, it regulates the body temperature. A hydrated body helps you feel fresh all day.

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2. Yoga

‘Yoga’ is a form of light exercise including both a physical and breathing regime. It is the contribution of the sages to the Indian culture which is now benefiting the entire world. Why not adapt it to our daily routine to keep our overall health in poise?

3. Reiki ‘Reiki’ and ‘Chakra Balancing’ are also important forms of alternative treatments to keep ourselves fit and cheerful. Reiki is a holistic form of healing and derives its name from ‘Rei’ + ‘Ki’ meaning ‘Universal Life Force Energy.’ According to this method of treatment, disease occurs when there is an imbalance in the life force energy within and outside the body.

4. Chakra ‘Chakra Balancing’ helps in healing by stabilizing the seven chakras in an individual’s body.

Conclusion – Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

The more we are conscious about the well-being of our body and mind, the more happiness and contentment we invite to our lives.


About the Author

Rohini Jha is an author, writer, poet and a management graduate. She ardently believes in taking life one day at a time. A spiritually inclined person, she treads life on the path of growth and self-improvement with a firm view that whatever happens, happens for the better.

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