Happy or Sad – The Choice is Yours

Happy or Sad

Life keeps bringing up situations that seem difficult to handle, people who drive us nuts, whom we just can’t relate to and circumstances that try our patience and will power.

In all of these and more, at each waking moment, with every breath we take, we always have two choices: Be happy or sad.

Cheer up, this too shall pass!

Faced with a difficult situation, it is easy to feel defeated and succumb to the feeling of hopelessness. You may cry at fate and curse yourself for having been born in the first place. You may even blame God for your misfortunes.

The right choice is to face any situation as a part of life. After all life is a packaged deal as every person has their own share of good times, bad times and healing times.

You are not the only one, everyone has their own set of problems. No one is born with a silver spoon in their mouth. If you think that someone is, if you feel that some “one” has all the luck in this world, well, you need to think again. It just doesn’t work that way. Those who we feel are perpetually happy, do have troubles.

They do face difficulties but they obviously do it differently. They may be suffering within and might have trained themselves in hiding their feelings, which is one possibility.

It is also possible that they have chosen not to suffer no matter what the situation may be. Simply put, the choice they had made was to face life happily—come what may—because we all always have two choices in life Be happy or sad.

Happy or sad? Your choice

The first choice is that you buckle under the pressure , become miserable, and then you stay that way. The other one is that you make a promise to yourself that you will be happy no matter what and you stick to it.

You can either drown in the deep well of misery or walk the high road to happiness, the choice is yours to be happy or sad.

There have been instances when seriously ill patients have been seen consoling their family members. By telling their loved ones that they will be fine, the patients offer them hope for happiness, even if they are not sure about their well being.

From where do they get the strength? It comes from the choice they have made to be happy and stay strong for their loved ones. You can also choose to be strong in the face of adversity.

Managing Hopes and Expectations

With every step of our life we gain new aspirations and hopes. And with them we attach a whole lot of dreams and expectations. When those expectations remain unrealized, we feel miserable.

This is a very common feature. As a matter of fact, almost every one of us has felt a sense of failure at a certain unrealized dream. Expectations cause sadness when they are not met and prevent us from being happy.

Nursing exceptionally unrealistic expectations can only lead to bigger setbacks. Looking at the positive side of all events always helps. If you are invariably miserable, it could make your life unpleasant, besides resulting in serious health issues.

Conclusion:  Happy or sad

Life is a gift, not a punishment. If we can stop misery from taking over our lives with minimal efforts, why do we still seem to be struggling for happiness? Every single day of your life, you have to make a choice, so why not choose happiness.

About the Author

Shobha Agarwal is an avid reader. She believes in humanism and that the beauty of human life lies in living a life free from retaliation and regrets.

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