Emotional and Mental Health during Pregnancy

Health during Pregnancy

Physical as well as emotional changes during pregnancy are inevitable. It is quite natural during the initial stages of pregnancy to have some difficulty in dealing with your emotional disturbances as your body is trying to get used to pregnancy.

Maintaining Emotional and Mental Health during Pregnancy should be your primary goal. Recently I congratulated my niece Radha on her delivering a cute girl. During the conversation she said she was doubly happy that it all ended well.

She explained how difficult it was to go through pangs of emotional ups and downs during the time she was pregnant. It was then that I decided to write this article that may be of help to women expecting their child.

The general rule is the approach to pregnancy should be positive, like this quote:

A grand adventure is about to begin. ~ Winnie the Pooh

The baby in the womb is affected deeply by the emotional health of the mother. If the mother is calm and joyful the baby will get healthy and happy enzymes to grow. On the contrary if the mother goes through anger, fear or frustration, the growth of the baby will be influenced in a negative way.

You can maintain good emotional health during pregnancy and a balanced mind if you follow these simple tips:

Indulge in small treats to yourself

It is possible to have control over your emotions and not let mood swings rule you. You can dab on a new perfume or wear a pretty new dress and see how it lifts your spirits!

Simple acts like going for a music concert or a fashion show, having a new hairstyle or having a relaxing massage in a spa or simply taking a nap will be enough to make you feel better.

When you adopt this way you can realize that your bad moods are just temporary and can be overcome by doing things that give you a happy diversion of mind.

Time spent in such acts of pampering yourself is highly valuable as they relax your body and mind creating a sense of peace and wellness facilitating a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Confide in your spouse

Pregnancy is a stressful period and you need someone to hold your hands when you are dealing with it. What better way is there than having your spouse or partner to be there for you to help in coping with the ups and downs of your emotions? So don’t brood, speak out.

The support from your partner is invaluable in making you feel secure, calm and loved. Having your spouse listen and talk to brings you closer and makes the whole experience of pregnancy worthwhile.

Talk to your loved ones

Having a heart-to-heart talk with your family or friends who care about you can help immensely in getting reassurance and support. Your anxiety will be reduced or removed making you relax.

Sharing your feelings with the people you trust can bring a good amount of mental strength and confidence to deal with any situation. Having a genuine support system does a wealth of good to your pregnancy as it allays feelings of isolation.

Eat Healthy and Exercise

Unhealthy eating is known to cause bad mood swings and irritability. It is therefore advisable to follow a healthy diet and workout routine during pregnancy.

Exercising under the supervision of your doctor can help as happy hormones are released during exercise make you feel good.

Join Pregnancy Yoga Classes

The practice of yoga is a proven way to calm your body and mind. Light yoga practice with breathing exercises and meditation are recommended for calming the nerves and inducing restful sleep as disturbed sleep is commonly experienced during pregnancy.

Pregnancy yoga classes are available almost everywhere and learning these techniques can be helpful immensely to maintain a good mental balance during pregnancy.

Conclusion – Health during Pregnancy

Whatever be your concerns or fears irrespective of what causes them, your emotional health during pregnancy and mental balance is paramount to make your journey of pregnancy exciting and memorable. Let me wind up with a beautiful quote:

Life is tough enough without having someone kick you from the inside. ~ Rita Rudner (Tweet this)


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