Declutter your Mind by Writing

declutter your mind, writing
A passion like writing should not blur your experiences. It should, in fact, declutter your mind. It should allow your life to become more fulfilled and complete. Instead of tiring you, writing should energize your spirit and enrich your mind.

Declutter your mind by writing: a meditation

Yes, writing is like meditating. I felt this myself when I realized that the more I write the more liberated I feel. I freed myself from the burdens, confusion and negative thoughts bombarding me. Before tasting the benefits of writing, I used to find myself stuck in a problem (or frankly, problems).

Unable to either understand or analyze the situation, I used to keep struggling with it. In plain words, I just wasn’t able to solve it. The condition used to get worse when I was caught up in more than one problem. Now that I think about it, this is probably very common for human beings in this century of multi-tasking.

We have become comfortable taking on more and more problems and simultaneously putting on loads more effort to solve those problems. While we struggle with our problems, our family members also suffer. Sometimes we even blame them for the problems erupting around us.

The end result is a highly stressed-out life. Caught up in this vicious cycle I was intensely looking for a solution to find peace in both my mind and soul. In my attempts I surfed the web; I read motivational books; and I even prayed. While going through this process I happened to come across an article which suggested I write down the problem. In fact it also suggested that once we write the problem, the solution becomes instantly visible.

Declutter your mind by writing: a moment of revelation

This was my moment of revelation. I wrote and felt its magic. Every time I got stuck with a problem I used to write. It could be on a piece of paper, in my planner or on my laptop. But I made it a point to write. Writing converted my bigger problems into simple, solution-oriented problems. “Declutter your mind” is one thing; to find myself transported, another!

Writing helped me to understand myself. It made me think deeper and analyze my self. It detoxified my brain. It brought an amazingly delicious sense of calmness in me. It brought a glow to my face and put a sparkle in my eyes.

It helped me find peace within myself. It delivered a solution to every problem. And just like that, my experience with meditation started. I found writing to be like meditating. It has been 5 years since I first experienced the sweet flavor of writing—my medication, my connection with God—and I am still meditating. I am still writing.

Writing? Not my Cup of Tea

Many people get surprised when I tell them that writing gives me immense peace. Naturally, I suggest they also write. Sometimes they hesitate, saying they don’t have the required writing skills. Honestly none of us need any excellent skill or qualification to put down our emotions or to simply state how we feel.

We all are surprisingly, extremely talented and capable of doing it. The only thing we need to do is gather the courage and write down the first thought that comes to our mind… without over-thinking or stressing. Just write.

Writing is like breathing, it’s possible to learn to do it well, but the point is to do it no matter what ~ Julia Cameron (Tweet this)

So, declutter your mind by writing. Just do it once and take the essence of it. Gradually you will find yourself in deep meditation—a state of total bliss, a place where a problem doesn’t appear to be a problem. Happy writing! Happy meditation!


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