Dealing with Creativity Block

Creativity Block

Human beings are one of nature’s finest creations. They can think, feel, express, regress and multitask. Everyone is special and unique as all of us possess some or the other quality that is different from others.

One can be good at painting while another can be good with math and formulas. We all are special and are all gifted with some special skills. Creative blocks are painful and profoundly uncomfortable. Always, look at a creative block as growth because blocks are an integral part of the creative process.


Some people only pursue their dreams and skills in the form of a hobby while others make it their profession. Whatever it is, we all have our periods of highs and lows in our respective fields. At times we do extremely well and are full of new ideas while there are times when we are not even able to think.

And even when we do think of an idea, we are unable to put that on paper. This is called The Creativity Block or Mental Block. It happens when you want to create something like some write-up, a painting, a piece of music or maybe even a presentation and you get stuck. Either you are not able to begin, or you have started off or have a concept in mind and are not able to progress.

Case Study

As a writer, at times I am full of ideas and pen them down really fast. But, there are times, when I have an idea but, I cannot put that on paper. It happened to me last time when I sat down to write an article. I had a topic in mind and started writing but, due to some urgent work at home, I had to leave that article in between. When I sat to write the remaining part the next day, I just could not focus.

My mind was preoccupied by some thoughts. After failing miserably, I gave up and took a break, went out for a walk. I felt fresh and when I came back I was able to break my creative block and finished my work successfully.

Possible reasons for creativity block

  • Environmental blocks like noise, the weather, high levels of light or darkness.
  • Social blocks like crowded places, the judgmental attitude of others, getting demotivated by negative feedback or some personal or social responsibility that requires your attention.
  • Internal blocks like our mood, health, attention and concentration can play a major role in creating a creativity block.

If there is a problem, there is also a solution to it. When you face such a personally or professionally, try some of the below-mentioned things and see if things turn in your favor

1. Focus on your GOAL – When we are doing something, we are doing it for a reason. If we face a mental block in a professional scenario, then it will be worth it if we try to focus on our goal or the reason behind doing a particular task. If we are clear about why we are doing and how important it is, focusing and delivering becomes easier.

2. Take a fresh start, if possible – Though, it is not possible every time you are stuck, but if you have just started and can restart and focus from the beginning, try that as this can help you think in a fresh and more positive way.

3. Seek help or advice – Sometimes when we are not able to move on with a task and cannot think about anything fruitful, talking to a colleague or a friend and seeking help or advice can work as they can give you ideas to carry on.

4. Take inspiration from the past – There must have been instances in the past when you faced such situations and overcame such problems, try to take motivation from such situations and act accordingly.

5. Take a break – If none of the above helps you, then, take a small break, go out to take a small walk or listen to your favorite song or read, this will help you refresh and when you get back to work again, things may work out.

6. Believe in yourself – Even after trying all the tips and ways to break your mental block, if things do not work, have faith in your abilities. If you will believe in yourself and will focus with a relaxed mind, things will work out.

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We all are creative and capable enough to deliver good work but, it is also a fact that our abilities are put to the test on several occasions. The key is, do not give up, try different ways to solve the problem and have faith in yourself and your abilities, things will turn your way. ALL THE BEST!!!


About the Author

Varsha Tyagi is a Master's in Psychology with 5 years of Experience as a Life Skills Coach and a Counseling Psychologist. She has worked with many schools, colleges and corporates as a Counselor and a Life Skills Trainer and dealt with both children and adults. She is currently working as a Life Skills Facilitator with an organization.

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