Control Blood Pressure Naturally

Control Blood Pressure Naturally

It is a frightening fact that one in every four persons on earth are suffering from high blood pressure. You can include children and teens as well! Yes, it is very necessary to control blood pressure naturally as it affects the body and you will be prone to various other diseases that are a result of high blood pressure.

The controlling of high and low blood pressure is very important so that the kidneys, arteries, and heart are not affected. There are ways to control blood pressure naturally. But before we begin to check out natural ways to control high blood pressure, we have to understand why we suffer from high or low blood pressure.

Causes of Blood Pressure

There is drastic fluctuation in blood pressure throughout the day. It is normal to find blood pressure both high and low during the daytime. But at night it is typically low. The causes for high blood pressure or low blood pressure are plenty.

  1. Your age is a determining factor. As you get older you will notice changes in blood pressure.
  2. The stress at work or in your personal life can also be counted as a cause.
  3. A body without exercise is prone to high blood pressure.
  4. Lots of salt in the meals like canned food, cheese, etc are reasons for high blood pressure.
  5. Being overweight is one of the causes of high blood pressure.
  6. Too much red meat and oily food is not good.

There are several other reasons that are indirectly related to cause high blood pressure like surgery, pregnancy, other diseases, temperature, medications etc.

Control Blood Pressure Naturally

It is very easy to control blood pressure. Many times doctors prescribe medicines which can control it, but cause side effects. Moreover many other organs may get affected by the medicines. Well, it is a lot easier to control blood pressure naturally without these medicines. Besides looking after your body, you have to address the lifestyle that you are in now and pay attention to what you eat. Listed below are some tips that will help you control blood pressure naturally:

1. Strict diet plan

A proper diet followed regularly can improve your blood pressure. The meal should be comprised of fruits, low-fat dairy products, grains, nuts, fish, green vegetables and poultry. You should not emphasize sweets, fats, red meats, sugared beverages, salt, etc.

2. Fluid Intake

Take a generous dose of water, which is free of salt and sugar. Flavored drinks or alcohol is a strict no. You can drink coconut water, milk (fat free), or tea (no sugar or milk).

3.  Cocoa

You thought that cocoa was for children! Cocoa has positive effects on high blood pressure. Cocoa exhibits anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and anti atherogenic elements. The flavanols in cocoa can stimulate the production of nitric oxide in the body and help the flow of blood to the major organs of the body. This in turn can lower your blood pressure.

4. Yoga and Exercise

Meditation is a part of Yoga. Meditation can relax your mind and body and control stress levels. Yoga exercises for people suffering from high blood pressure, can help lower the blood pressure and bring a calmness. A certified yoga instructor can tailor the yoga exercises to your needs.

If suffering from high blood pressure, the best thing you could do as a remedy would be to understand your body. If you are not comfortable, adjust the frequency and intensity of your workouts. It is always preferable to reduce your blood pressure before pushing yourself to rigorous exercise routine. Regularity in following your exercising regimen holds more importance than the intensity of your work-outs.

So, control blood pressure naturally. Regular exercises like brisk walking, and jogging are advisable. However, please consult your doctor before you opt for rigorous exercises. Natural is the way to go!

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