Change Yourself to Change Others

Change Yourself, change others

Our mood plays a vital role in controlling our behavior. If our mood or behavior changes with the conduct of some other person then we are letting him be the controller of our temperament.

Why don’t we learn a ‘mantra’ which would not only help us bring about a change in our way of looking at others, but also help bring about a change in how other people behave with us?

Change yourself to change others

Introspection is the first step on the way towards mending broken or damaged relationships. I understand that many of you say that the other person is too nasty or even if the gap is somehow filled the signs of a crack will still remain. Still, it is advisable to give it a try, take the first step and change yourself.

Being humble does not make you weak. It only proves that you are strong enough to tolerate.

Often, problems originate when we advise someone. Remember unsolicited advice leads to anguish. If you feel somebody around really needs your piece of mind, let him approach you for it. You need not explicitly make an initiation. People preferably seek an opinion or advice from close friends and loved ones only.

The role of parents in changing their child’s attitude/behavior

The parent-child relationship is one the most joyful and loving in the world. It is vital as your child is the biggest investment you make in your lifetime. With the proper upbringing, you not only secure your future but very responsibly contribute a good citizen to the society.

Be a role model to your child

If you want your child to be obedient, honest and hard-working; set yourself as an example in front of him/her. Remember your mannerisms are ideal for your child. He should be proud of your exemplary conduct; only then will he follow and come up to your expectations.

Parents also play a major role in spoiling their children. An increasing number of children (especially teenagers) indulging in alcoholism/ smoking/ drugs and other vices are mostly inspired by their irresponsible parents.

No matter what, your behavior whether in order or not, will always be ideal for your young one. Children have an inherent psychology of imitating their elders.

A vigilant eye

The company your child keeps is an initial indication of what he is going to grow into. ‘Birds of the same feather flock together’.

It should be clearly noted and understood that the company one keeps is much more influencing than one’s willpower. If you are of the belief that others cannot alter the values you have inculcated in your kid then it is high time for you to realize that you may be conceptually wrong! Always make efforts to be aware of what is going on in your child’s life. What circumstances are molding him the way he is behaving?

Parents must spend quality time in befriending their kids. If they somehow fail to establish a strong and close relationship with their children at an early stage; the mutual communication gap widens as the kid grows up and it becomes even more difficult to monitor their actions later increasing their chances of taking up the wrong direction; mainly due to their guardian’s negligence.

Inculcating a sense of responsibility

Every member in the family/society needs to understand his responsibility and contribute and perform his share of work. As they say, charity begins at home. Parents need to make their children realize their responsibility towards fellow beings both inside and outside their home. Every member in the family should make it a point to contribute in the daily chores according to their age.

Though we all deal with immense stress in our lives these days; parents should remember that they should never deal with their children with rage under any circumstance.

Conclusion – Change yourself and change your life

To bring about a change in others, it is significant to introspect and bring a change in oneself. If you can bring a change in yourself, you can surely bring about a change in a hundred others.

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