Building Self Confidence

Building Self Confidence

Why is it that only 1% make it to the top of the pyramid? If you brainstorm, lots of things come to mind. Things like luck, knowledge, courage, good contacts and so on. What about self confidence? Did that make it to your list?

Clearly identifying the situations that make you feel uneasy is the first step towards building self confidence. But before we begin our list, let’s take it from the top.

What is Self Confidence?

Self confidence is the enthusiasm, the courage, the zeal to take the challenges head on, without the fear of failure. It is about respecting yourself. It is about looking in the mirror and telling yourself, “I respect you for who you are.” It is about looking into your own eyes and not feeling guilty about your actions and reactions.

But how many of us are actually able to do that? Most of the time we are unsure about our decisions. We depend on others for an acceptance or confirmation which deteriorates our mental strength and keeps us from taking risks.

To overcome you have to rebuild your inner strength. That’s something no one other than you can do. Building self confidence is extremely important in every aspect of our lives, yet so many people struggle to find it.

The power of “I Can Do It”

Self confidence brings a zeal that makes you say “I can do it” which pumps adrenaline into your mind and body helping you to deliver your best. Saying “I can do it” makes us respect ourselves and it suddenly gives us the courage to fight against the odds. Building self confidence takes us up the ladder.

Enjoy the magic of “I can” …say it, repeat it and feel it. Experience the magic of these golden words. Let them into your mind and soul and then feel the deliciousness of success and accomplishment.

Today’s generation is filled with this attitude, they have the confidence to tell everyone “Yes I can do it… the only thing I need from you is trust.” A confident person knows that failure in nothing more than feedback on your way towards success.

What is self confidence all about?

Self  confidence is all about mental toughness more than physical. Lance Armstrong (or even Madonna) for example. Both are the epitome of confidence and their achievements are unstoppable.

They are constantly making and breaking their own records. They have confidence in themselves and do everything to maintain it. They don’t allow negativity to spoil their confidence.

Here are a few simple steps to building self confidence

  1. Believe in yourself—only then can you achieve your goals.
  2. Visualize yourself as already being successful. It will strengthen you to surpass all hurdles.
  3. Do good to feel good. It will push you towards a positive attitude to life.
  4. You find what you seek. So dream high, take action and you will undoubtedly achieve that.
  5. Imitate the successful. It will boost your morale and show you the right direction.
  6. Change your inner voice. It will shift you from “I can’t” to “I can”
  7. Dress smartly. It will enhance low self esteem.
  8. Celebrate your success. It will remind you that you have the ability to take risks.
  9. Always hold your head high. It will help you to maintain your self-respect.
  10. Compete with your achievements. It will take you to the top of the pyramid.


Self confidence is the number one asset that separates great athletes from the rest of the pack. ~ Patrick Cohn. (Tweet this)

Building self confidence also builds success. No one can take this away from you. Building self confidence is readily achievable  just as long as  you have the  focus and determination  to carry things through to the end.

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