Blood Type Diet – Diet Based on your Blood Group

Blood Type Diet, blood group diet

No matter what I tried, my scale didn’t seem to budge. Frustration was making me eat more. After all, my logic was why deprive myself if it wasn’t working anyway?

A chance conversation with a friend, made me look up the blood group diet, a blood type diet option which is really taking off right now.

Your blood group and food

Popular among celebrities, the blood group diet (or blood type diet) seems pretty scientific. After all, nothing else in life comes with a one-size-fits-all, so why diets?

When one considers this, it seems logical that a certain type of food is best suited for each specific blood group type. A friend, who follows this diet pattern, swears by its effectiveness.

Diet for “O blood” groupers

It is believed that the blood group O was first on the evolution charts. And since this was so, people with blood group O, have to have a diet which was very similar to our ancestors then, that is, high on animal protein—the hunter-type diet.

So stick to a diet rich in lean meats and fish, and avoid too much dairy and carbohydrates to keep your energy levels up. To make the diet plan more effective, try to do your cardio or brisk walking in the morning hours, rather than in the later part of the day.

Diet for “B blood” groupers

Moderation is the key to a happy survival for this blood type. It is believed that this blood group evolved at a time when people were more mobile, hence this led to a more balanced diet of grains, meat and vegetables.

Most B blood group type tend to be practical and down to earth individuals, and find it extremely easy to shed weight, much to the consternation of others. So do moderate exercise and stick to a diet of meat, fish, vegetables and grains.

Diet for “A blood” groupers

The A’s tend to be sensitive and creative people and their blood type is believed to have developed when farming came into vogue. So eat less of meats and more of veggies, fruits and nuts to keep fit and slim. Light exercise like yoga and Tai Chi is recommended.

Diet for “AB blood” groupers

As the blood group suggests, the diet has to be a combination of the diets of the A and B group types, thus effectively can eat about anything. Concentrate on veggies, reduce meat intake, though eating fish is suggested. Your exercise regime is a mix of calming exercises like yoga with slightly more intense notes such as light jogging.


While a lot of medical and nutritionists claim all this is claptrap, and that there is no such link, if one looks at the diet and exercise recommendations one can see that it does not recommend anything drastic.

Rather this blood type diet will help you to make healthier food choices and restrict the takeaways, processed food and alcohol (stuff which our ancestors roaming the earth certainly did not have).

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