What is the Best Time to Exercise

best time to exercise

It is a proven fact that regular exercise keeps the body healthy and energetic. However, most people do not know the right way to exercise. Moreover, they do not understand the importance of sticking to a regular exercise program. To get the maximum benefits from your exercise program, it is most essential that you perform it at the best time to exercise of the day.

The question, though, is what is the best time to exercise? However, according to research, different people find different times suitable for exercise. Before you set your schedule, it is better to know about the advantages and disadvantages of each based on your own goals.

Morning: Most popular time for exercise

Most people choose to exercise in the early hours of the day. Since mornings are free for most people, you can concentrate on your exercise routine without any distraction. Moreover, you can start a bit early too if you need to leave early for work. Another benefit is it increases the heart rate and metabolism and you burn more calories earlier in the day.

A morning exercise program fills you with physical energy and mental agility early in the day that is required throughout the day. In summer, it is best because temperatures are low and air pollution is at a minimum. However, in the morning, you have lower energy and low blood flow. Since muscles are stiff and cold in the morning, start your exercise with gentle warm up.


Exercising in the afternoon can be beneficial as body temperature, energy level and hormone levels are high in the noontime. It helps in stress relief from work. However, this is the busiest time of the day; you may not find adequate time to exercise. Moreover, lung functioning is also at worst at this time. Think about that if your routine will include cardio.

Afternoon and Evening

According to researchers, afternoon time, 3.00 to 7.00 PM is the best time to exercise. Body temperature and hormone level is at its maximum around 6 PM for most people. You can have your best workout 3 hours before or after this peak. Moreover, at this time lung functioning is best, and the muscles are flexible and warm.

Working out at this time may help you regulate the amount of food you eat at dinner. However, you may not get enough time to work out (or even for a walk) because of your work commitments. If you are exercising late in the evening, be sure to give some time to unwind to be able to sleep.

Best time to exercise: Conclusion

With all that said, it is not important when you exercise; the most important thing is that you do exercise regularly according to a set schedule. You can decide which time to choose. You can decide that according to your energy level and keeping in mind your work commitments.

  • Early morning is the best time, if you want least distraction in your exercise schedule.
  • However, if you take longer time to wake up and get active, maybe the evening suits you best.

If you cannot decide right away, exercise for a week in the morning and then a week in the evening. You will quickly find out what is best for you.


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