Being Smart : Take the World in your Stride

Being Smart, world in your stride
Living in this competitive world is not an easy job. It is demanding and yes, it takes its toll as well. People always live in the fear of rejection. They want to be accepted by society, they want to be smart and accepted and above all, to succeed in life, make a great career, have fulfilling relationships and a huge friend circle. All this means being smart. And being smart is something that everyone wants to achieve.

Being smart does not mean you have great beauty, are intelligent, or that you have great talent in something. NO! It’s just that you have a flair for handling different situations in life. You should know how to communicate with people, handle things in the right way and always have a positive attitude. Being smart does not lie particularly in something specific; it is a complete package of different facets of behavior.

Being smart is just the way you think. When you’re smart you should be good at analyzing things, an outside thinker, not a bookworm but someone who has accumulated experiences and can implement things effectively. Someone who can pick things up quicker than others, a person who requires less effort.

Being smart is  being knowledgeable and having sharp, quick thought and capable of making adjustments that resemble human decisions, especially in response to changing circumstances. Given here are a few tips that will help you not only to be smart, but also to be someone who will be respected for who you are.

Learning at School

Being smart begins at school. Education makes you smart. You get to know about the world and the basics of the world. There are plenty of unanswered things in the world that need to be pondered upon. You can begin by questioning your teacher in the class. This can help you to be knowledgeable and you will not forget what you asked. But, yes life teaches you more than any school. As they say, you are always learning new things till the end.

Expanding Knowledge

It is important that you have something that will interest you and you get good knowledge about that field. You should also take an interest in current affairs of the world, the activities in politics, reading popular books, and the financial status of your country and the world. Not everybody can grasp all the subjects well, but having a brief account of everything will work fine.

Stimulate Mental Ability

Make your brain work. It should not relax as it will be difficult to wake it up when necessary. Solving math problems, or learning a new language or even solving a crossword puzzle is a great idea to make your brain work. Try to analyze things in a neutral way. Try to solve problems that are complex and ponder over things that are difficult in nature. This gives you a basic idea about the changes that are taking place around you. When you are in a group of people, it will help you to make people listen to you and ask for advice regarding certain issues.

Explore the World Being Smart

Travel if possible; it is the best way to know people and what they really care about. Understanding the different ways of life helps in knowing more about the people and in turn make it easy to communicate with other people without hurting them or being too blunt.

Be Around Successful People

Get to know successful people. It will boost your confidence level. Study their personality and their way of thinking and work out how to be like them, without going overboard. They can teach you many things in life and there may be things that you already have in your personality.


If you want to be smart, talk less and speak only when it is necessary. Argue only if you have the right backup. Never boast about something that you will not be able to fulfill. Stay organized, it will earn respect and make you look smart. Accept ignorance, it will help you to know more about the subject. Being smart means using your mind in the things that you do. Your efforts are determined by your intellectual capacity.

Being smart  is a matter of the minds while wisdom is a matter that involves both the mind and the heart. The heart is about feelings and experiences and emotions. Learn to be polite, giving and be compassionate to others who are in need. Helping others also makes you smart in the eyes of others. Be open to criticism, it will bring out the best in you and help you accomplish being smart.


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