Being Offended – Take it in Your Stride!

Easier said than done! Being offended is not new, nor is it something that one never experiences. It is a natural course like anger, jealousy, love, hate, desire, temptations and others. I know all these emotions are not good to you if you nurse them for a long time (of course, not love).

Being offended by a friend or someone close to you in some form like actions, remarks, or behavior is quite common and is almost accepted by some.

However, let me tell you something, if it goes beyond a certain limit, it does become an emotional issue. Often the offense is related to displeasure, which is experienced when someone annoys us. However, holding grudges is not going to help you.

Is it natural to be offended?

Since humans are a social animal, it is just natural that we will be surrounded by all kinds of people in different areas of our life. These people will be our family members, relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors, helpers, or in fact foes too.

And one thing is sure that we will be meeting them, interacting with them, and involving ourselves with them. In that course, all sorts of emotions are bound to arise.

Now that you are involved with people, it is certain you will get emotional about them. If you are loved, you will reciprocate, if you are offended, you will reciprocate it as well.

Being offended is a natural feeling and will hurt you if it comes from a close friend or relative. Your reaction can be anything from keeping quiet, to giving it back to them or simply ignoring the offenders. The choice is yours. And let me tell you every person reacts in a different manner.

Do you want to stop feeling offended?

That’s a good idea. You know that certain people get pleasure in talking about things that have hurt them and how bad it was. If you are someone who easily gets offended, then you are someone who is not happy and always complains about things.

You seldom engage yourself in positive things or make others around you happy. Maybe you are someone who is not happy with what you have and is more interested in something that you do not.

When you are offended at any man’s fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger ~ Epictetus (Tweet this)

Studies show that such traits can only lead to more disappointment and a feeling of despair, thus making you vulnerable to offensive things.

What can you do about it?

I would suggest certain tips that may help you deal with being easily offended. For beginners, I would suggest to train their feelings as they cannot be controlled. Training takes a long time, but at the end you will find yourself quite happy about it all. Follow these simple rules.

1. Be positive

Most things in life can be achieved by being positive and one of them is to deal with being easily offended. Thinking about the offending matter all the time is not going to help you. Just think that it is a trivial matter and will not affect you. Show a positive attitude during the offense. A smile is the best weapon to shrug off anything that is coming at you.

2. Communicate

Communication is always helpful to clear up thoughts and know the other person. You should take up the issue and sort it out in a cool manner. This way you will know what the other person feels about you. Try to understand what the other person feels about you and why.

3. Self examine

If you feel that you are being offended, you also need to check if you have offended somebody else. You will know when you talk to the person who has offended you. Maybe he has another story to tell. Introspect as it will change your perspective in seeing others.


To conclude I would also like to add that, you may have been targeted for no reason at all. It is just that the other person is jealous of you. You do not have to worry about those.

And remember there are good people and bad people in this world. So let go of your worries and take things in your stride.


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