Are You Living a Life Without Purpose

Life without purpose

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. ~ George Bernard Shaw (Tweet this)

In today’s modern world, depression and hopelessness are all too common.  The expectations for “greatness,”—let alone to be accepted as good enough—are set by outrageous and unrealistic standards.

If you spend enough time on the Internet, watching television or browsing magazines you’ll easily be deceived into some of the greatest modern illusions.

How could one not feel a sense of purposelessness in a society which demands each strand of hair be perfectly placed at all times of the day? It seems we have no choice but to live through the demands of the ego. Life without purpose is meaningless. It is always good to value the path of our life.

The fundamental reason life feels purposeless is that we become disconnected from the collective purpose: being. Any thought or action outside of being is entangled in the illusions of the universe.

Until we can become rooted in being, all other “purposes” remain elusive, coming from the unquenchable ego’s need of fulfillment.

There are many ways this sense of disconnectedness (and a life without purpose) can be manifested when we are uprooted from true being. Here are a few root causes:

You Don’t Know Your True Self

Not knowing the true self is the foundation of confusion. As long as we think we are our minds and bodies we will always be unfulfilled. The mind and body are facades, roles, and ego-illusions.

These can all be very fun attributes to experience, once the associated seriousness is dropped. Until then, all of our attempts for fulfillment will come from a place of neediness. When life is strictly a means to an end, it is meaningless.

To make the discovery that life has no purpose—other than to live—is a profound awakening, which comes with the divine responsibility to make one’s life a life of a purpose. To connect with spirit is a simple, yet deep, process of peeling back layers.

To find your true self the “masters” and “gurus” will strip you of all the illusions you are attached to, that are not authentically you. Some suggest the practice of silent observation or meditation to connect with the inner witness.

Other spiritual “masters” take a cognitive approach; where through a process of “confessions” you un-tell your lies; the stories that keep you bound to false-identities.

However, to say there is a right or wrong means to self-discovery is limiting and contradictory. What is common amongst these teachings is questioning. Life is communication and questions are the means we use with us on a momentary basis to understanding.

Begin asking yourself the question “Who Am I?” and journaling your answers. In time, you will know find the true answer. At first you may get responses such as “I am a mother, a teacher, an artist” and so on. Eventually, you will get more refined answers “I am a lover, I am caring, I am love, I am energy, I am spirit, I am.” Let your intuition be your guide.

You Are Unfulfilled

Lack of fulfillment is the catalyst to a life without purpose. We only become unfulfilled when we do things that have no true importance to us.  What makes us do things of unimportance is a sense of urgency. We are only restless and in a hurry when we feel incomplete. This urgency sends us on wild goose hunt, seeking fulfillment and gratification in the outside world just for a sense of completion.

Our true selves are completely whole, lacking nothing. Connecting to our spirit self—as we did earlier—exposes this truth to us. Only then can we know our true purposes. Once you are rooted in self, you can find real fulfillment.

When we seek fulfillment from outside, from neediness, we are never satisfied. Fulfillment is an inside job, we create the feeling of being filled within, and then outward activity becomes a reflection of that inner experience.

Continue the theme of self-communication by asking, “What do I really need?” Fulfillment comes by getting what we truly need, not what we want. Continue this series of questioning and answering until you’ve gotten to the core of your needs. From there you can create a purpose or means for reaching that need in the clearest way.

You Don’t Know What You Want

What do you really, really want? Most of us incant to ourselves over and over “I don’t know what I want!” This emotional intensity combined with such a belittling phrase leaves us convinced and hopeless.

More times than not, we know what we want, we’ve just been told what we “have” to do for so long that we stopped focusing on what matters most to us. We even start to think what we want isn’t good enough. This type of dualistic thinking serves no one and actually limits our possibilities.

Having a purpose is the difference between making a living and making a life. ~Tom Thiss (Tweet this)

Once upon a time we had a notion that our bodies would explode traveling at speeds greater than 30 miles per hour. We capped our traveling speeds on trains and cars because of the idea that certain speeds were “bad” for us. Today; however, the advancement of travel has already brought so much growth and enjoyment to life.

Understanding the ambiguity of life makes it easier to accept our wants and use them toward the survival of mankind, and the healing of our planet. Our wants—even material—are perfectly all right. They are clues to our deeper soul needs. With your journal in hand, write down all the things you desire most whole-heartedly.

Do you want a motorcycle? Or perhaps to travel to an exotic location? Once you’ve noted these wants, ask yourself “why do I want these?” You might find that your desire for a motorcycle is keen insight to your soul’s desire for unconditional freedom. And that your longing for exotic remoteness is your soul’s need for peace and serenity.

From there, you can ask, “how could I acquire these needs in a way that serves and helps?” The best way to get what you want is to help others get what they want as well. Bringing the intention of healing and helping into our desires is a sure fire way to bring about true fulfillment through the obtainment of goals.

When a man does not know what harbor he is making for, no wind is the right wind. ~ Seneca (Tweet this)

You Don’t Think You’re Good Enough

If we are living a life without purpose, then why are we here?  So, identify your true purpose in life and live it to the fullest. As long as you think you are your identity you will always feel inadequate. Living through ego identities leads you to listening to others while taking their truths as your own. The ego is fear-based, living through it makes us become pushovers—it’s not our fault! We’ve been manipulated.

We’ve learned to fit a mold and that we aren’t good enough unless we have what others tell us we need to have. There are layers to this type of limiting conditioning, much of which took place during the more dependant years of our childhood. This type of mentality doesn’t have to be.

With courageousness we can wake up. Waking up to your true nature takes courageousness. That’s because knowing yourself goes against all of society, which has told you to behave to a certain standard without recognizing the ambiguity of existence.

The unspoken truth is that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” If you take a look at the totality of life you will see each situation carries the seeds of good and bad. You may decide it’s good to eat “healthy” however, in doing so you end up choking on your food. Vice versa, doing the bad thing could being about healing.

You decide to go out for a drink at a bar and in the process you meet your soulmate, someone who shares your deepest heartfelt passions and you create a family business. If you want to know your true self-worth you have to make a choice to do so. First is the willingness to be courageous.

Remember, your true self lacks nothing and needs nothing. Can you be willing to be this elated? This is a difficult choice for many. It is not our inadequacy we fear, it is our light, our true power.

We actually fear that we are powerful beyond measure, and that it’s almost “wrong” to love ourselves so completely. Next, remove “good and bad” from your thought-constructs completely. Instead, seek the good in bad.

There is no need to throw out darkness in you, simply turn the light on. Look for the good in you everywhere and you will find it, even in the darkest hour. Then you will see how complete you truly are—that is true self-esteem, true self-love.

Life without purpose is no life at all. Follow your bliss, find your true passion and purpose in life to a new you!

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