5 Tips on Perfecting Body Language

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The eyes may be the window to the soul but fears, discomfort, and more are very evident from the body language of a person. To be a winner in life, it is important to know what body language is and how you can make body language work for you. Non-verbal communication can convey many emotions—nervousness, guilt, shame, aggression, boredom and more.

There are experts who teach people how to hone body language to convey the “wanted” expressions of confidence, courage, leadership, and self-worth. Just as one likes to control what they feel (and wear a mask so that your true thoughts/feelings are not mirrored by your expressions), one can use “body language” for effective communication in daily life as well as professional life.

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Useful body language tips

Know Yourself

Before embarking on adding style and polish to your stance make the effort to know who you really are. Jot down notes on how you sit, stand, react to situations at work or when on a date. Observe yourself and use the mirror to study your natural postures. Once this is done, you will be able to make plans for change.

Emulate the famous

Watch movie stars, billionaires, those in the armed forces, and others. See how they use body language to project their unique personalities. For instance an army general will be ramrod straight and exude not just confidence but the aura of a protector who can be an aggressor.

Similarly a movie star will flash their famous smile or stance—one that their fans remember them by. Make a note of styles that are close to your character. Choose a style that will not be alien to the “real” you.

Ooze confidence

Learn how to use eye contact to pass a message. Maintaining eye contact with an aggressor like a boss at work will ensure that the person understands that you are not insecure and are not willing to be intimidated. Be self-assured within and let your body language convey that.

If you are afraid of any person the person will use the fear to intimidate you so the first step is to conquer the fear within. Believe that you are the best and you will find yourself oozing charm and confidence.

Relaxation is the key

Learn how to be relaxed even in the most difficult situation. Don’t let your shoulders tense, or head bow down. Practice relaxation techniques so that you can use your breath to keep you calm and relaxed. Always pay attention to how you sit, try and sit up straight, hold your head high, and participate in the conversation.

Use nods and smiles to let others know you are following what they say. Be comfortable when sitting or standing and never SMS or play games on your phone when at a meeting or in the company of others—it’s rude. Projecting a relaxed façade will convey the message of self-assurance and positivity

Avoid nervous gestures

Expert’s advise that one must not convey nervousness by constantly wiping the face or fiddling with a pencil, a watch or desk ornament. If you are being summoned by the boss, walk into his/her room as though it is your kingdom. Never hover outside the door or stammer when answering a question.

Even when on a date or at a party if you are a shy person pause a moment before answering/participating in a conversation. Or be clever just use nods and smiles to convey participation.

The other day at the airport I heard a familiar voice call my name, when I turned around standing before me was a beautiful woman with a bright smile extending her hand. It was my friend from school; she used to sit at the back, hide from most classmates and had a mousey nature. My eyes (I think) conveyed my surprise, she laughed and shared that a finishing school had erased all “awkward” gestures, my friend had metamorphosed into a butterfly.

Believe that the world is yours

Once you have made subtle changes in you—how you stand/sit/walk; how you greet people and so on—you will find that the ‘world view” you had has changed too. People you went out of the way to avoid and those who ridiculed you will all look at you with new respect. It’s all about confidence within and without, so just polish up the small problems and welcome sunshine into your life.


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