The Guiding Force


In every sphere of life we experience the power of an invisible force, if not always certainly when needed desperately. It brightens your life like sun rise which removes the darkness of the previous night. You feel this invisible force when it takes you out of difficult situations.

Experienced the Guiding Force

I experienced this strong invisible force when my son’s eye got hit with a cricket ball. He was in class 12 and his board exams were approaching. The injury was severe; a thick blood clot covered the retina, blocking the vision. He had to be operated immediately. On our way to hospital my son was experiencing intolerable pain. And as a parent I was feeling helpless.

I could not find any other way but to pray to God with full force and devotion to set things right. The feeling was so strong that I felt like holding God tightly with all my force and not letting Him go till the time my problem wasn’t resolved.

That instant I got an amazing feeling. I sensed an image flying alongside my car window, conveying me not to be afraid and assuring me that I am always with you. The operation went successfully and speedy recovery enabled my son to appear in the exams and clear them.

From where does it come?

For days a question kept disturbing me. From where does this force comes and why do we need it? After careful thinking I found the answer and was amazed to know how simple the answer is. This invisible force comes from the supreme power whenever we find ourselves in helpless situation.

Reality of Life

Life is never a bed of roses. But the real winner fights his path without losing heart. He has the nerves to handle the imbalances coming in his way. The imbalances may be related to parents, children, friends, job or unfulfilled dreams.

The emotional bindings lead to turbulence in mind and soul. Emotions rise and fall like waves in the high tides. Like sea one gets caught in restless situation surrounded by devastation all over. At this point suffocation develops pleading for immediate cure from the Almighty.

God Enlightens us

God enlightens our thoughts and tells us not to be disheartened. He reminds us that we are not looking for him with full dedication and determination. He reminds his presence in guise of parents, Mother Nature, saints and good friends.

Parents: nurtured you unconditionally.

Mother Nature: taught you to smile in hard situations.

Saints: guided you spiritually.

Friends: secretly shouldered you by sharing the burden.

How could we find it?

All the above experiences indicate presence of a guiding force that smoothen the life and the emotional injuries. They are worth trying:

Pray to God

Pray from the core of your heart. Put all problems in His feet with a request to solve them. This action instantly brings a soothing touch to our mind/soul making us free from worldly problems.

Inspiration from Mother Nature

See how the beautiful flowers boldly face the strong winds, thunder storms and scorching heat, still blooming and spreading fragrance. You are God Almighty’s flowers and has to implement the law of nature in life.

Blessings of parents and elders

They are the agents of God always showering blessings on their children even though not asked. They become happy with the smallest gesture of love and care.

My friend’s father went to stay with his son for few days. When the father wanted to return back,  his son bought an air ticket for him. At the airport his father hugged him, thanked him and blessed him enormously. On his way to home the son realized that he has never thanked his father – who had sacrificed all his life for him happily. Hence, parent’s blessings are invaluable and very important.


Be contended with whatever God has blessed you with. He only knows what is best for you. See towards them who are less fortunate than you. Thank God for giving you feet to walk. These small feelings strengthen us and keeps us contended in life.

These are the guiding forces of universe which always come to our rescue in difficult times.


Vandana Sehgal

About the Author

Vandana is a Personality Enhancement Trainer associated with various Corporate and Management Colleges.

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