What you need to be Happy

What you need to be Happy

Ever thought about what you need to be happy? In a consumerist world happiness is often measured by the extent of acquisitions or life style—often it’s a billion dollars that mean happiness to many.

The other day I was on a train and looking out of the window. As fields and trees passed by I glanced at two small children leading a goat by a string. Both were around 5-6 years of age and one was giggling away chasing a butterfly. Happiness shone on their faces.

Very often what you need to be happy is measured in satisfaction not acquisitions. People who view a glass as half full and not half empty are generally happy people. In life it is important to know who you really are and understand what is it that makes you happy.

Look for Happiness Within

Try and live life king-sized, but for yourself. Happiness does not always stem from trying to make others happy—be it family, friends, or at work.

Find out what you want and reach for it. Find fulfillment in what you do—even work wise find a career or job that gives you a purpose. Don’t choose to work in a corporate house because that’s what you are expected to do. If you join the “rat race” and run from pillar to post chasing promotions and accolades you may just make yourself miserable.

Choose a path that echoes your soul and character. If you want to be a forest ranger or landscaper, be one. Working in a crowded city and chasing “key result areas/ business targets and goals” may not be your calling.

Put Aside a Moment for You

Find out what makes you smile—watching birds, hearing leaves rustle, or riding a bike down country roads. Choose an activity that is you and one that is practical and make time for that.

A friend of mine works hard as a stockbroker all week and every weekend he is off backpacking across the countryside. Over the years he has formed a group of nature lovers who enjoy treks and nature. On Monday morning he returns to work refreshed with a bright smile on his face ready to tackle the week.

Before he discovered backpacking he used to come to work as though the whole world’s burden was his alone. Luckily for him he found what made him happy early and so he now leads a balanced life. Sacrificing personal needs only leads to strife. Lead a balanced life and you will have a reason to smile.

Bust the Stress

Stress causes unhappiness and heart attacks. There are numerous ways to bust stress—choose one and let the tensions drain. Life today is tough and even stay-at-home moms tend to get stressed. The reasons for stress vary—rude commuters, falling stocks, rising expenses, setting high goals—the list is endless.

To combat stress take up meditation, deep breathing, focusing or any other method. You could even stand at the backdoor and scream blue murder if it makes you feel better. Letting stress build up is detrimental to your well being. Learn how to accept changes and challenges in life. Think about how tomorrow will be a better day.

Its Easy to be Happy

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“I am happy” can be your mantra. All you need is to make small changes. Block out of your mind all that irritates you. You will find that you will attain peace. To reach out to happiness set small goals to change your attitude and way of life. Share your triumphs (however small) with those who love you.

Find a group or friend you can share your thoughts with—very often taking about things that make you depressed or sad can help. Most importantly, learn to live life for yourself. You can triumph by being positive about things and changing your attitude.


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