Positive Energy can be Attracted – Tips and Methods

Positive energy is essential to face life as life brings newer and stranger challenges everyday. Positive energy is anything that enhances your feeling of well-being (which can only be perceived).

It can be drawn from your surroundings with determined practice. Being contagious, it is vital for anyone aspiring for professional and well as personal success.

“What you focus on expands” is the truth of the Law of Attraction. You can create new possibilities in your life by shifting your focus.  So why not focus on things like what you want to achieve, what you can do to change your perspective towards the positive and what are your plus points that can take you to where you want to be.

Change your focus to empowering thoughts that fill your life with hope and motivation and start working on the changes consistently. You will see a marked change in your behavior and attitude and start planning and acting towards a future that you dream about.

Science as well as spirituality has emphasized time and again that thoughts become reality. Metaphysics deals with the relationship between mind and matter and speaks about thoughts as a form of energy. The fact is that all energies can be transformed and awareness brings about the change. Here are some ways to manifest positive energy:

Ways to manifest positive energy

There are two ways in which thoughts can be transformed into reality. They are

#1. Creative visualization

#2. Positive affirmations

#1. Creative visualization

Creative visualization helps you create a picture in your mind and helps you achieve what you want. It should be done with strong intent and true emotion (and repeated on a regular basis) until you see it actually happening.

You should actually feel the exact feelings accompanying your thought as if they are already happening. This is made possible by the law of nature that governs working of the universe to align the energies of your thoughts with those of the universe.

For example if you want to manifest a high position, visualize how you would look, dress, speak, feel and act and use all your senses such as colors, smell, texture and sounds that complete your mental picture.

#2. Positive affirmation

A powerful statement that is stated firmly and repeatedly is known as positive affirmation. These are statements and declarations you make and repeat to create strong thoughts in your subconscious mind.

It is the subconscious mind that plays a vital and active role in turning those thoughts into reality. It plays the thoughts several times in your mind and converts them into positive energy.

For example if you want to become a successful business owner, your affirmations would be something like “I am the owner of ___ Company” or “I own ____ Enterprises.”

Simply put, the process of manifesting positive energy is simply becoming aware of what you want, imagining yourself in possession of what you desire with deep and strong intent and feel all the feelings of actually being in possession of what you want.

Other methods to manifest positive energy

Get rid of fear and negative thinking:

Replace negative thoughts and fear by images that are beautiful and peaceful that instantly bring about a flow of positive energy in you.

Let go:

When stressful thoughts arise, just try to relax and surrender to nature. That creates positive energy as worrying only creates negative energy.

Develop a positive attitude:

Be open-minded, have compassion, celebrate the happiness and success of others and try to understand different viewpoints. These are qualities that create positive energy within you.


Silence and focusing on your own breath produces positive energy, driving out stress and conflict from the mind bringing about clarity and peace.

Developing gratitude:

Being thankful for all that you have, creates positive energy. A daily habit of writing things that you feel grateful about is known as maintaining a Gratitude Journal.

Thoughts cause the brain to release certain chemicals in our bodies that become positive or negative emotions. When we feel gratitude on a daily basis it leads to positive emotions like happiness, contentment, courage, compassion and more. The end result is that the everyday occurrence becomes a habit, making us a positive person.

Spend time with positive people:

Always make sure to be with positive people who exude happiness and hope. Happy people spread happiness around them effortlessly.

Aromatherapy, listening to uplifting music and reading inspirational books, or a dab of essential oil of your choice on your wrist can boost your moods and evoke positive thoughts and feelings.

Good music with positive lyrics and inspiring books can trigger positive thoughts in you and create positive energy making you mentally stronger and enlightened.

Since thoughts become reality, think positive and love your life.

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