Overcome the Obstacles and Execute the Idea

Overcome the Obstacles

How many times have you had that great idea only to let it go down the drain since you couldn’t get yourself to execute it successfully? Obstacles are part and parcel of every goal in life. You need to learn to overcome them and master the art of problem-solving.

Maybe it needed too much work or too much planning or it simply wasn’t something you were sure about. Whatever excuses you give to yourself from implementing that great idea,still remain exactly that—excuses!

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!

“It’s too risky, I’m too busy, I’m not smart enough . . . all excuses are misalignment. Every action that we have is a choice. You can change anything about yourself. Don’t underestimate your own personal ability to make it happen. Never underestimate your power to change yourself and never overestimate your power to change others.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

He talks about recognizing our excuses and replacing those with affirmations. Most people get into a habit of giving excuses for everything since that gives them an escape from taking responsibility and getting things done.

Watch Your Internal Dialogue

One of the most important things that separate Winners from Losers is Attitude and a person’s attitude is but a function of his thoughts. If you have positive and nurturing thoughts in your mind about yourself, you will have the spirit and the confidence to work towards your dream in a consistent and positive fashion.

The opposite also holds true. If one has negative and doubtful thoughts about oneself and his capability, he will not be able to work since there will be no inner spirit to support him through the execution of the idea.

So, besides focusing on the practical aspects of your goal’s achievement, also remember to focus on your Inner Dialogue and correct it whenever necessary and overcome the  obstacles.

Identify and Overcome the Obstacles

This does not imply that there aren’t practical obstacles to overcome in the pursuit of any goal. But a person’s attitude towards that obstacle makes all the difference.

Overcome the obstacles or work around them,  so it does not result in the non-execution of your dream idea. Have the right spirit and overcome the obstacles—one after another—till you are able to turn your idea into reality.

Michael Jordan wrote, “Everything I achieved can be traced back to the way I approached and applied the fundamentals, the basic building blocks or principles that make everything work. The minute you get away from the fundamentals—whether its proper technique, work ethic or mental preparation—the bottom can fall out of your game, your schoolwork, your job, whatever you’re doing.”

Kaira was a successful corporate executive before she had a baby. Though she loved her new life with her child, she missed the achievement-oriented life she lived as a corporate executive earlier. She made several business plans, one after another with other housewives she knew but she couldn’t get anything off the ground.

Bored and disappointed with herself and her inability to put any of her ideas into execution, she consulted a life coach who guided her to change her thoughts and work with discipline towards success. She applied the learning in a sincere way and set up a small business which she operated from home successfully.

Conclusion – Overcome the Obstacles

No matter which aspect of life a worthy idea pertains to, it is important to carry it through to successful execution to feel happy about oneself and life, in general. A virtuous cycle starts in a person’s life when one has a “Can-do” spirit as opposed to an “I can’t” one.

Overcome the obstacles and make decisions based on facts. Don’t rush to judgment before all the facts are in.

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Richa is a writer and a life skills coach with seven years of work experience in training corporate professionals. She has trained employees in Soft skills, Sales and Business English.

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