Make a Good Impression at Work – Impress your Boss

Making a good impression at work often decides your career path. If your boss has a good impression about you, you are more likely to gain in terms of additional responsibility, a higher position and monetary benefits. Making a good impression at work therefore is a skill all of us can benefit from.

Here are 10 tips to make a good impression at work:

1. Dress appropriately

Research has proven that people form impressions about people in the first 30 seconds of meeting them. The way we dress, our body language, our facial expression and our handshake enable others to form impressions about us. While at work, it is appropriate to dress conservatively. Garish colors, wild hair-dos, loud make up, dirty nails and scruffy shoes should be avoided at all costs.

Our handshake should be firm and the palms should be dry. Loud colors, heavy jewelry, wild hair and bold clothes should be avoided by women. The tone of your voice should be well-modulated and not loud. The language used should be professional and not offensive.

2. Proper etiquette at work

It is important to follow proper office etiquette. We should be mindful at all times of keeping our personal and office life separate. Spending a long time on personal calls, using office time for doing personal work, using official email for personal mailings, misuse of office equipment and stationery are to be avoided at all cost.

3. Taking responsibility for mistakes

To err is human, to own up to a mistake at work is professional etiquette. If we have committed a mistake at work, the best course of action would be to accept the mistake, apologize to the customer or coworker who has been inconvenienced due to the error, take steps to correct the mistake and avoid future mistakes. Never blame it on someone else. Instead offer a possible solution as it will create a good impression about you.

4. Manage your time effectively

Arrive in time for work, finish your task on time, and avoid delays in meeting targets. This is a nice way to demonstrate that you have the ability to manage time well. Delegate wherever necessary and have a written list of work to be completed with their timeline and stick to it.

5. Offer help to colleagues

If you find that your colleagues are in need of help that you can help them with, do not hesitate to offer help voluntarily. Offering help will not only help them finish their task quickly and easily, but will create a good impression and respect for you.

6. Compliment your coworkers

Genuinely compliment workers on their accomplishments and appropriate things. By doing so you can make them feel good that you recognize and appreciate their hard work.

7. Be somebody who can be relied upon in a crisis

When a crisis happens at work, an employee who springs into action and puts in much more effort than is required of him/her is likely to be the person the boss turns to in a future crisis. Coming through in a crisis impresses upon the boss that the employee is a reliable and committed asset.

8. Do not offend coworkers

There are very strict rules in most organizations about misconduct in an official setting. Use of offensive language in the office, making chauvinistic remarks or jokes derogatory to any gender or race is construed as misconduct. Often loose talk about coworkers or official work creates a bad impression about an employee. A boss is more likely to appreciate an employee who is discrete and can keep information confidential.

9.  Be a team player

Bosses have to lead large teams and balance the synergies of a disparate set of people. A person who puts the team before themselves is likely to be targeted as a potential future leader. Such a team player is more likely to be invested with future responsibilities than a lone player.

10. Avoid misuse of office time and equipment

Avoid office politics, attending to personal work during work hours or misuse of office equipment and facilities.

Making a good impression at work can get you respect and cooperation from coworkers and appreciation and rewards from your employer. Start today, and make it happen.

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