Women Empowerment – Women Are Not Weak

Women Empowerment

The adage “the weaker sex,” always got me bristling—even from a young age.  Women Empowerment is an indispensable tool for advancing development and reducing poverty.

The first step towards women empowerment is education and financial independence. Through the ages in myths, legends and history woman-kind has been strong and resourceful.

In India the great goddess Durga is worshiped for her strength and as a protector. Why must women be considered shallow and weak?

Today many countries the world over are led by women, as are also giant corporations and financial conglomerates. Studies show that women can multitask easily and don roles of career, homemaker, and mother—managing the balancing act with ease and efficiency.

A New World for Women – Women Empowerment

The world over women are no longer chained to the stove and producing children. They are equals in every way. While a woman may lack physical strength, she can and does carry forward responsibilities well.

The world as a whole is fighting for women’s rights and the eradication of gender bias. Women empowerment contributes to the health and productivity of the whole family, and to communities, and to improved prospects for the next generation.

Yet in many places female babies are being aborted even against the law. Society needs to change its mindset and learn to respect its women and treasure the girl child.

Atrocities against women should not be accepted and if a woman is being mistreated, society and her family must support her, extend an understanding of her situation and help her tackle it.

She must not be expected to “adjust” and bear the brunt of a cruel husband or partner or in-laws. And as a woman she has rights too: fair wages, respect at the workplace and home, and the right to make choices.

Equality Begins at Home

While the UN, Governments and other agencies are advocating women’s rights and gender equality it is for each and every one of us to bring about change in our own homes and environment.

At home don’t let anyone deride you, disrespect you, or use you as a door mat. Demand and gain respect. I am not saying become a termagant but create a certain niche for yourself.

Let family and your workplace colleagues respect your space, ideologies, and rights. If anywhere around you a woman is being ill-treated gather up the courage to help her.

There was a movement where if in the neighborhood a woman was crying or being beaten up all neighbors had to go to the house where there was trouble and ring the bell to let the person ill-treating her know she was not alone and had help.

There are many localities where women form groups to discuss and find solutions to their problems. In fact in some villages, the women brought in prohibition to prevent men folks from becoming drunkards. There is unity in strength. Protect your gender born and unborn and live life with dignity.

Draw on Inner Strengths

Sadly it is not just the poor women who are ill-treated. Very often in wealthy households too women live lives of disrespect and even in the modern world there are families who are becoming fanatics and forcing women into purdah, curtailing their freedom and voice.

The first step in women empowerment is education and the second financial independence. So be bold and step forward. Ensure that the children of your house help get education.

Teach illiterate women so that their men folk do not rob them of their wealth and land. Work with self-help groups, in many regions in the world women have benefited by setting up self-help groups and gaining economic and social independence.

Draw on the strengths within—do not fear the world or cower when being threatened. Predators always gain strength from fear. So learn to stand firm and look the predator in the eye and say “ no” firmly.

Conclusion – Women Empowerment

Women as the motherhood of the nation should be strong, aware and alert. They should have knowledge about support groups and positive attitudes towards life.

The best gift parents can give to their daughter is education. So, it is a wake up call for women to awake from their deep slumber and understand the true meaning of women empowerment.

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