Why Pray – Why Do We Pray?

Why pray, Why do we Pray

Why pray? Once I read a poem written by a father for his daughter. While reading, I felt that the father was too possessive about his daughter.

To an extent that he did not want to miss even a smallest activity of her daughter, her smile, her innocent moves, her mischievousness or even her cry. He was trying to capture everything in his heart.

But as I read the last 3 lines, my heart was moved and I almost cried. The father was pleading to every reader to pray God for the long life of his daughter who was only eight-months-old and was suffering from cancer. That touched my heart and I immediately prayed to God for a miracle to save the girl. But why pray, exactly? There was any number of ways I could have reacted. Why something so intangible as saying a prayer?


What is prayer?

Before getting into the answer of “why pray?” let us first strive to understand what a prayer is. Or at least, what people have come to believe it is and therefore use it as such.

  • Prayer is a conscious direct connect with God (also known as the source or the universe). It deepens our relationship and takes us closer to the Almighty.
  • Prayer is a path to reach to God when we are in distress.
  • It lightens the heaviness of our heart, hoping God will decide what is best for us.

Why pray?

Why pray? We pray because of our faith in a supreme power. We pray because of the belief that there is definitely a stronger power out there that promises to listen, to help and to protect us always. When we are caught in a whirlpool of difficulties, we try really hard to come out of the situation.

But when “man-created” solutions fail, we feel helpless and surrender ourselves before the Almighty. We pray with full force for immediate relief and request to pull us out of that dreaded problem. That is the time we find ourselves truly connected to God for guidance.

Prayer does not require intelligence, only our dedication and trust.

Does God answer our prayers?

Yes, certainly prayers are answered when done with undying faith and a clear heart.

My brother, a diabetic patient, developed a severe infection in his foot which spread upto his knee. Most of the doctors suggested an immediate operation and warned us of leg amputation. My family and I became scared and prayed to God for a miracle and God did come to his rescue.

By God’s grace we were directed to the best team of orthopedic doctors who decided that saving his leg was the priority. Their treatment started showing recovery signs and in the end they were successful. Today my brother is healthy and running a successful business.

Ask God for clarity

Don’t be disheartened when your prayers are not answered. That only means God has something better for you. Ask for clarity. When things are not right, don’t ask God “why me,” simply ask for clarity and understanding. Everything happens for a reasonSometimes it is painful when immediate relief doesn’t come. But believe that God’s answers are wiser than our prayers.

Scientifically proven

Even toady, at times doctors tell patient’s relatives to pray for a speedy recovery and even survival. Oftentimes doctors will even say a prayer before operating on a patient and they ask for a successful operation.

On studying the effects of intercessory prayers on a number of patients at a General Hospital in San Francisco, Cardiologist Randolph Byrd found that the patients for whom “home-prayer” groups prayed needed fewer drugs and spent less time on ventilators and recovered faster than their counter parts who only received medical care.

Larry Dossey at National Institute of Health in Washington, in his book “Healing Words,” reviewed over 100 experiments on the effects of prayer/visualization and found that more than half showed effects on everything from seed-germination to wound-healing.


Why pray? It is definitely best left to one’s own belief, but it’s clear somewhat universally that when the chips are down and a person is in trouble, their belief in God emerges and they have faith that a rescuing hand will be extended. Swami Sivananda, founder of the Divine Life Society, says,” There are no problems that cannot be solved by prayer, and no evil that cannot be overcome by prayer.”

“Your prayers should be burning words coming forth from the furnace of a heart filled with love.” Mother Teresa. (Tweet this)

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