What To Wear On A First Date

what to wear on a first date

On the first date men worry about what they are going to say, while women worry about what they are going to wear. ~ Unknown (Tweet this)

Getting dressed is hard. Getting dressed for a first date is seemingly impossible. Not only are we all nervous before a first date, but we are likely frustrated. Deciding what to wear on a first date to leave just the right impression is a big decision. We have some tips to make help you and make it a perfect first date.

For Ladies:

Preparing for a first date is hard. Ladies, here are some tips to help you decide on what to wear on a first date:

1. Wear something you own

Though you may be tempted to run out and buy a whole new outfit before your exciting first date, it is not the best idea. You likely own something that makes you feel sexy and comfortable already, so why not choose that instead? There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable on a first date. Choose something you know you love so that you can focus on the date instead of adjusting to a brand new outfit.

2. Wear something neutral

Instead of wearing your hot pink mini-skirt or your cheetah print ruffled shirt, why not go with something a little more, well, normal? Try a black skirt with solid leggings and a white top! Wear dark jeans, a tank top, and a neutral-colored cardigan. Try to avoid making a statement with your outfit—save that for a later date.

3. Choose only one body part to show off

It is great to be proud of your body. Kudos to you! But you should focus on wearing something that only enhances one of your many awesome features. Are you wearing a short skirt? Try a longsleeved top to match. Going with something low cut on top? Wear jeans instead of a skirt of any length. Do you just love your favorite sleeveless dress? Bring a cardigan and make sure you pair it with a nice pair of tights! There really is such a thing as too much skin on a first date (or any date).

4. Dress accordingly

If you know for sure what you and your date will be doing that night, make sure you dress appropriately. Movie theaters can be really cold, so make sure you have a sweater with you, no matter how hot it may be outside. If you are going to dinner, dress according to the restaurant you will be dining at. If you are going on a surprise first date, depend on your trusty, basic, clothing items. Nice jeans and a cute top can fit in anywhere.

5. Keep your shoes flat

Giant heels—even the cute wedged kind—can be very intimidating and/or out of place on a first date. If you two end up grabbing a drink before or after dinner, you may regret wearing your best stilettos. Choose a pair of flats or a cute sandal (depending on the time of year) instead of relying on your lovely heels.

For Gentlemen:

It is equally important for the men to show up in the right outfit. Here are some tips on what to wear on a first date for the gentlemen:

1. Leave your screen-tees at home

We all know you love Jurassic Park, or Metallica, or The Beatles. Or all three, really. Screen-tees are really cute for afternoons in the park, or Netflix nights at home. Screen-tees are not really cute for a first date. You are trying to impress your date, not give them insight into your top five favorite movies.

2. Wear some color

Yes, this is a double standard, but women can pull off the “all black” look better than men can. If you wear all black to your first date, you run the risk of looking like:

a) a serious businessman
b) a gothic teenager
c) a very sad person

Though all or none of those things may be true about you, adding a little color to your wardrobe for the first date will help you steer away from any of those stereotypes. Black pants are fine, a black shirt is fine, but together, they are not fine.

3. Leave your running shoes at the gym

Shoes matter a whole lot to some people and not at all to others. As a person who cares very little about shoes, I still know a few things. Wearing ratty running shoes to a date is a bad idea.

If you wear old, worn-in Converse shoes, that’s one thing, but if you look like you were training for a 5k right before the date, you may give off the wrong impression. If you go with dressy shoes, make sure you polish them beforehand. Scuffs are not impressive.

4. Dress accordingly

Wearing a suit and tie is a great choice if you are going to a nice gala or something of the sorts for the first date. If you are going to dinner and a movie, dark jeans and a nice dress shirt is a great outfit choice. Leave your favorite sports cap at home. No jerseys. No athletic wear.

5. Dress for your features

Did you know a sports jacket can help exaggerate your features? If you have broad shoulders, it will make them seem broader. It will help your biceps look even bigger. So will the right t-shirt, or dress shirt. If you wear something unflattering (see aforementioned shorts and athletic wear), you will not be giving off the right impression. Wear clothes that fit you, that you feel comfortable in, and that will give some insight into your personality.

For ladies and gentlemen—try not to stress out. Putting too much time and effort into your first date outfit can lead to unnecessary complications. Follow your gut, wear your best smile, and have a great time.


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