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Reading is an important skill that is taught to kids at a very young age.  Though the most popular way is reading a book to the child, the internet also offers several opportunities to teach your young ones to read.  Though some children thoroughly enjoy reading books, some may not like the idea of reading books or get distracted soon by other activities.

These children can benefit by the wide range of tools and resources available at various websites that help young kids how to read.

Top Websites for Kids

Here are some excellent websites for kids that offer resources—in the form of online books, reading tools and interactive stories—for your kid to learn reading.

Starfall (

Parents and teachers across the world use this popular website to teach their kids the essential skill of reading. A PhD in Physics and an established artist Stephen Schutz conceptualized and founded this website. This website is designed for preschoolers, kindergarten, first grade, second grade children. It has four levels; ABC’s, Learn to Read, It’s Fun To Read and I’m Reading.

Each level has great tools, interactive games, online books, art and crafts activities, animation, music and more. This highly colorful and fun website allures even the dullest child to visit it daily and learn. (

An offering from reputed toy brand, Fisher-Price is another popular website for kids that provides great motivation for learning. This is a fun website with highly-attractive and colorful screens and animation. They also provide several fun activities such as alphabet learning, online storytelling, music, arts and crafts activities.

This website is categorized for three age groups; infants, toddlers and preschoolers to allow the kids learn at their own pace. This website also provides useful information for parents to learn about proper child development.


This is the one of the most promising websites for kids when it comes to teaching kids how to read. This website is a rich reading club designed for kids of all ages; right from babies and toddlers, preschoolers and grown-ups. This website offers several fun activities for kids according to the age group such as babies can enjoy nursery rhymes, lullabies, stories, games and finger play. Preschoolers can sing, play, doodle or enjoy online stories.

For Grown-up kids, they have a section called RIF Reading Planet that offers further colorful links including Games Station, Express Yourself, Book Zone and an Activity Lab to help children explore further.

Nickjr (

This website for kids offers a comprehensive range of resources and information researched by parents and educators for child development. The website offers several interactive games, fun activities such as music, rhymes, arts and crafts activities and more. Inspired by Nick Jr.—a popular cartoon character kids love—this website teaches reading without forcing them to learn. In addition, it provides guides for parents to learn better ways to teach their kids.

LearnToReadFree (

This website for kids is completely dedicated to teaching reading to preschoolers and kindergarten kids.  It provides vocabulary for kids to help them learn reading quickly. According to its website, if a kid spends 10 minutes per day learning new words and plays supporting reading games, they will easily develop new vocabulary.

With a simple click of the mouse, you can open an entire world of fun, imagination and learning in front of your child.


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