10 Subtle Ways To Flirt

ways to flirt

Flirting is not for everyone, though it can be extremely helpful in amping your love life. There is nothing wrong with being a “bad flirter”, just as there is nothing wrong with being a “great flirter”. Read this article giving you super fabulous tips on subtle ways to flirt.

Up your game using these subtle ways to flirt

If you are unsure of the right steps to take to flirt, actually trying it out can feel a bit, well, awkward. The good news? There are plenty of ways to flirt without even having to think about it. Start subtle, it will work wonders.

1. Use your cell phone

Though there is plenty of controversy over whether or not cell phones or helping the dating game, we must admit that they are here to stay. Most people have completely accepted text messages as a form of communication – and not shying away from that might be a good investment. Have you ever received a “good night” or “good morning” text message that made your whole day? Never underestimate the power of thirty seconds and your cell phone.

2. Compliment him/her

We should all be complimenting each other much more often. If someone compliments you, I am sure you feel strong, and confident, and completely flattered. It goes both ways. If you feel like the man or woman you have a crush on looks nice today? Let them know. You like their haircut, their new shoes, their memoir that was just released? Whatever it is, let them know. You are making a (flirtatious) impression without doing much more than connecting as a human being.

3. Laugh a lot

Do not force laughter if you do not feel it, but also, vice versa. If someone is funny, and you also happen to like them, laugh out loud. It is not only okay; it is wonderful. Everyone loves being the person who makes people laugh, and on the flip side, who does not laughing? Do not suppress your sense of humor or appreciation for a good joke to save face. Laugh loud and laugh often.

4. Use your eyes

I will not advise the “make strong eye contact” technique, because it can get awkward. That being said, in general, looking people in their eyes is an incredibly important part of human connection. Try not to shy away from the person you like just because you like them. It is okay to look them in their eyes. They will appreciate it, as will you.

5. Talk about astrology

…or anything light-hearted. Astrology is a nice ice-breaker because even if you think it is silly, or if they think it is silly, it is a bonafide conversation piece. Joke about compatibility, your parents’ signs, your siblings’ signs – or even just talk about how it is a ridiculous way to judge someone. Get the conversation rolling and see what comes up next.

6. Give a high-five

Physical touch is of course one of the best ways to flirt, however. It is not always easy to make things physical right away. Holding hands is kind of a serious move. Hitting someone on the arm is kind of silly. Giving someone a high-five, though? That is the good stuff. High-fives can be romantic, they can be fun, they can be friendly, or they can be all of the above. Start there, and see where things go.

7. Be confident

And if you are confident, you will succeed. Even if your love becomes unrequited, there is nothing better than being yourself, and being sure about it. The best way to get anybody’s attention is to act like you are your own person. And you are. So you will be fine.

8. Ask questions

Similarly to bringing up a conversation, asking questions is one of the great ways to flirt. Where did you grow up? Did you have any pets when you were a kid? Do you have any now? Asking basic questions can really lead to a strong connection – even if it takes awhile.

9. Talk about how you feel

And sometimes, the best way to flirt is to just be upfront about your feelings. Though it is not always entirely necessary at every point in a relationship, it is nice to be able to open up and tell the person you like exactly how you are feeling. There is nothing wrong with being completely honest—good things always come from honesty.

10. Be yourself

A lot of people might tell you to act a certain way when you are trying to flirt. Ignore them. The best way to flirt is to be one hundred percent yourself, all of the time. If you pretend to be someone else, or if you downplay any of your undeniably wonderful characteristics, you are doing yourself an injustice. Be you, always. The love will fall into place.

Use these simple/subtle ways to flirt and hit the right note in your love life!

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