3 Simple Steps For Turning Confusion to Clarity

confusion to clarity

Whatever you are struggling with, is a reminder for you to find your true purpose in this lifetime. ~ Deepak Chopra (Tweet this)

How is it that one-minute, life appears to be crystal clear and then the next nothing seems to add up? It’s no doubt that a majority of us have experienced this cloudy state of being, but that’s all it is—cloudiness between experiencing being. Confusion is a simple fix really. In a word, be.

Turning confusion to clarity is a mind game. Declutter your mind, tap into your wisdom for inner clarity. Only the mind creates the phenomenon we call, confusion. It’s when we question and question everything about existence rather than experiencing it.

Though this sounds easier said than done, there are a few means for turning confusion to clarity.  Here are 3 simple steps to take:

1. Know yourself – Clear the cloud of confusion

An extraordinary life starts when we know we’re capable of extraordinary. It’s irrelevant as to what one is confused about specifically as most of us are simply confused at the core of who we really are. We get caught up in a case history of who we were, missing out on the essence of our nature.

It’s important to know the difference between who we are, and who we think we are. We are not our minds, bodies or the story we tell. These things are illusions, bound in time. The past doesn’t exist, the future is not here yet, and therefore right now we are free.

Clarity affords focus. ~ Thomas Leonard (Tweet this)

Memories and fantasies can be fun to use, but we mistake them as who we are, we become bounded and confused. We are timeless, boundless, and unconditionally free. Knowing this, we can choose a life story that is honest, pure and clear. Decisions become less restricted and judgment lessens.

More importantly, we return to our freedom, which only resides in the now. Without getting in touch with our true nature, we will surely have an unclear vision of life. There is a beautiful poem I’m reminded of that touches on the beauty of our true selves; as it goes, “There is a presence not even words can utter, it is the awareness of awareness.”

Knowing yourself cannot be thought about, as it is transcendental to thought and words. Rather to experience your true self you might ask as you read this article “who is the one doing the reading?” There is your mind that takes in the information—then there is you—the one watching it happen.

2. Know your core values

Confusion is, not knowing what we know. In other words, we could say that confusion arises when are in conflict; we know something but now we doubt it. Once we stop doubting who we are essentially, we can transfer this clarity into other areas of our lives (such as our core values).

When we know what’s most important to us; it seeks us, and the need to struggle dissolves. Most of the time confusion arises when we are not getting what we want; we doubt our intentions and wonder what went wrong. Though introspection is good, it can often lead to endless analyzing. When we focus back on our core values we reconnect with what is truly important.

From there take note to what might not be aligned with your core values and make the decision to not give it your attention anymore. If this seems difficult it’s likely because there is a deeper conflicting intention or desire. That’s when we might consider reflecting on our core values.

It’s easy to mistake what’s important to society, our friends, and family as our own. If you feel you disconnected from your core values take some time to consider what you truly love. Write it all down, get it out of your head and then commit to activities that come from this place of love.

For those who confuse you, recognize that their confusion is theirs and your clarity is yours. ~ Barbara Marciniak (Tweet this)

3. Know your life purpose for turning confusion to clarity

The infamous Cheshire Cat gifted the world with a healthy dose of wisdom back when he told us that, if we don’t mind where we are going then it doesn’t matter which way we go. For some this is a liberating thought, for others it sparks the seed of confusion. Self-doubt is intrinsically connected to confusion. Knowing our true purpose connects us to our core reason for being.

A purpose is not a means to an end, it is the ends and means simultaneously. When we live on purpose, any road takes us there because we’re paving the path. There is no right or wrong way. The confusion arises when we forget why we’re walking on the path to begin with. If you don’t know your purpose there is an entire series here to help guide you.

It’s a lack of clarity that creates chaos and frustration. Those emotions are poison to any living goal. ~ Steve Maraboli (Tweet this)

In short, begin with these steps laid out here; know your true self, connect with your core value and you will see your purpose was there all along. For example, my purpose is to inspire and make everyone I come into contact with free and empowered.

I do this wherever I go and with whatever I do. Now if I were to forget this purpose it could become all too easy for me to think I am just a writer, just hitting plastic keys into a box, just talking to myself—how confused would I be! However, I am reminded that I touch people’s lives with these articles. We touch lives in all of our acts, no matter their size or means, and that is an opportunity to step into purpose.

Perhaps the most radical cure for confusion would be to stop thinking and start doing. Whatever it is your heart says to do in this moment, do it. The truth is; every second of our lives is a gift, we just have to be willing to receive it. I will say this much, the gift is not in our brains. If anything, the brain is the curator to confusion—the jail cell that we’re locked in—and the key is in our hearts. I encourage you to stop thinking and start doing.

Courageousness is the cure to confusion. Dare to be you, to love boldly without boundaries, and live as if you weren’t afraid of dying. In fact, let yourself die. Let every façade, self image and barrier you’ve built up around your heart give up the ghost. Drop the illusion of confusion and share your beauty with us.

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