Traits of an Egoistic Person

Egoistic Person

In this world, we meet a lot of different people: some nice and others nasty, some timid and others bold, extroverts, introverts, a few egoistic and others altruistic. In order to deal effectively with different people it is important to know their qualities. So today let analyze the traits of an egoistic person:

1. High on confidence

When used in the correct proportion, this confidence can bring a person a lot of success; too much though, and this very confidence makes them out to be rude and snobbish. The typical egoistic person, being high on confidence, assumes everyone else to be wrong. They think, do, believe, and say, only what they consider to be correct. Phrases like, “Why don’t you ever check yourself?” are things they say on a regular basis.

Interested in avoiding this type of behavior yourself? Just remember this one small phrase:

“A bad day for your ego is a good day for your soul.” (Tweet this)

2. Extraordinary levels of pride

The egoistic person always reflects an overly-proud expression on their face. Their sentences start with: I am, I did, I achieved, and mostly finish with the big question, “What did you do?” Even though the achievement of the other person might be bigger they refuse to acknowledge it.

3. Self-centered and self-loving

An egoistic person loves themselves very much. In every area of life, their own comfort is their biggest priority. They love to click on and display their photographs. Ironically, most of the time you will find an egoistic person being the only one in the picture! They are known to joke, saying things like, “The reason I talk to myself? I am the only one I prefer to listen to! ~ Anonymous”

Tragically, there is another saying they should be aware of, “Half the joke is always true.”

4. Very adamant

Screaming, shouting, scolding, and dodging are all fair-game in their dictionary. The only thing that matters to them is “I said it should be done,” so no “NO” for them. They can’t imagine anyone not following their directions or commands. When things do not move according to their wishes they disturb the entire environment and won’t let anyone rest in peace.

5. Difficult to handle

As we have already mentioned, the very word “no” (or something against their wishes), makes them angry. In such times of aggression they can go to any extent. For example, depending on the severity, they could very easily lose their temper. They might become restless and keep thinking about how to take revenge on the person who might have harmed them, even if it was by accident.

Ignorance leads to egoism, Egoism to selfishness, Selfishness to resentment, Resentment to anger, Anger to hatred, Hatred to annihilation. ~ Venerable Wu Ling. (Tweet this)


6. Can insult anyone easily

Egoistic people are never concerned about the feelings of other people. Through both their words and their actions, and because they always consider themselves to be correct, they don’t mind humiliating others—even in public. In fact, they don’t feel bad after attacking others, they conveniently give a justification for their actions

The egoism which enters into our theories does not affect their sincerity; rather, the more our egoism is satisfied, the more robust is our belief . ~ George Eliot (Tweet this)

So if you come across such people, now you know they are high on ego. Awareness will help you to manage them tactfully. And if you find the rating of these traits to be really high within yourself, then consider this an opportunity to change and convert yourself from being an egoistic person to a humble one.

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