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Although there are many books written about personal development, authors and leading figures in the area are more prolific in the online media than in the print media.  There has been numerous personal development blogs written during the last ten years – some of them spanning a few more years than that.

I have been following a number of these blogs since I got more involved in the subject a decade or so ago. Some of them have been a good resource and point of reference for many years as I added the ‘new blogs on the block’ to my list. I am sure they will inspire and motivate you as they have inspired myself (and still do) and help you broaden your knowledge on the subject.

Of course, the list does not cover all the blogs there are on the subject matter. There are far more than the list below. Although the title talks about the ‘top 20’ personal development blogs, these are my and only my list of top 20. It doesn’t reflect any measure such as Alexa rank, age of blog, number of visits or accolades.

Also, the list does not follow any rank or order of importance. It is just my list of what I regard as the top 20 blogs on the topic from my own experience and love for the subject.

Here is my lineup of the top 20 personal development blogs:

1. Personal  Excellence

I regard Celestine as one of the most driven and hard-working life coach and personal development blogger. With her work and dedication, she has carved out a top place in personal development world. Personal Excellence boasts of hundreds of articles crafted with skill and passion. Two thumbs up.

2. Zen Habits

Perhaps one of the most famous personal development blogs. Leo Babauta has been writing about Simplicity, productivity and forming good habits for a good number of years. I started following his blog from its early days and I must say that it was this blog that had inspired me to start my own blog – Soul Hiker. Leo has also inspired me to get on the path of minimalist living. I have also recently launched a book called ‘The Art of Simple Living’ – where some of the ideas were originally inspired from Zen Habits.

3. Change your Thoughts

This is Steven Aitchison’s blog, one of the most popular personal development blogs there is. This blog is super rich in informative and inspiring articles spanning from personal development to lifestyle, spirituality and business. If you had to choose only three blogs from this list, this will have to be one of them.

4. Four Hour Workweek

Author of the best-selling Four Hour book series Tim Ferriss needs very little introduction. Tim shot to fame with his first book ‘The Four Hour Work Week’ which inspired people to design the life of their dream and living like the ‘new rich’. For me, Tim’s blog is always an intravenous shot of motivation. Honestly, every time I read it I gives me such a boost. It’s highly motivating and inspiring.

5. Positively present

Another Blog I had been following from its early days. The blog is authored by Dani DiPirro who has written numerous amazing articles about personal development – specifically about positivity and happiness. Definitely worth a visit.

6. Evolving Beings

This is another blog I have seen grow to incredible success since its early days. Evita Ochel has put in all her passion to nurture and grow evolving being. The blog is a great wealthy resource of knowledge and information about living consciously and expanding your consciousness for a more meaningful life. Well done Evita.

7. Life Hack

Life Hack is somehow of an online landmark in the Personal development territory.  It is well known for its large repertoire of topics and huge volume of articles. It is multi-authored, meaning that articles are written by different authors in different styles, which gives it the spice of variety.

8. Think Simple Now

Founded by the energetic Tina Su, TSN has grew to a great site and a must-visit. It is a resourceful and helpful blog, aesthetically  pleasing and highly readable. Top marks.

9. Pick the Brain

A very popular self development multi-authored blog. It’s resourceful, varied and highly recommended. It provides articles in four main categories – Motivation, Productivity, Health and Self Improvement

10. Soul Hiker

This is my own personal development blog (what can I say – some self-promotion is forgiven I assume) . I started SH in July 2009 as I was getting deeper into the subject of personal development, I decided to share what I was learning with others through my own writing and ideas.

11. Marc and Angel

Marc and Angel are tremendously prolific writers. They have written over 700 articles on happiness, productivity, emotional intelligence, relationships and more. Definitely a place in the tops!

12. The Happiness Project

Gretchen Rubin has authored several books, most noteworthy her international bestseller The Happiness Project which was the original name of her blog. Here she regularly writes interesting and practical pieces of advice…worth checking out!

13. The Bold Life

The title of the blog and its sub-title (inspiration for fearless living) says it all. This blog will give you loads of motivation for shaking off your ordinary and not-so ordinary fears and inspire you to lead a bolder life. Take a shot of courage – read The Bold Life.

14. Jonathan Fields

Jonathan is an exceptional writer, speaker and entrepreneur. His blog is full with golden nuggets of writing. His style is simple, flowing and engaging.

15. Purpose Fairy

A very powerful personal development blog. Authored by Luminita D. Saviuc, the blog is a great resource for mind-expanding personal growth articles. You can see how the articles are written with passion and span across topics such as personal growth, heath and wellbeing, relationships and happiness. Highly recommended

16. Michael Hyatt

On his blog Michael proudly presents himself as ‘your virtual mentor’….and quite rightly I must add. The articles are mostly focused on personal success – such as building your own business, setting and achieving goals and practical guides to habit forming, email and social media success among others.

17. Live Your Legend

Scott’s Live you Legend is a real gem of a blog. Accessible, clean and full of well written articles, Scott shares his passion for helping others find their passion. A must visit.

18. Derek Sivers

I must admit that this site needs a bit of a facelift but do not be deceived by appearances. Derek Sivers is a highly successful entrepreneur who can teach us a thing or two about self improvement.

19. VidyaSury

This is a personal blog of VidyaSury. Her writing is clear, flowing and most importantly is written from the heart. A true treasure.

20. Tiny Buddha

Another one of my early following. It’s an inviting blog. Well written articles and still oozing with the same passion it started with. Have a peep inside.

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Gilbert Ross is a researcher, blogger, philosopher and online media expert. He teaches personal development topics through workshops and the online media, particularly about positive life transformations and unfolding the human potential.

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