Top 5 Work from Home Ideas

Advancing technology and the growing means of communication have made it possible for increasing number of people to opt for working from home. In fact, it is not only individuals who are opting for work from home, but many reputed corporations are also providing work from home opportunities to their employees.

Working from home is essentially a cost-cutting method for organisations as it saves expenses on space and infrastructure. For employees, it is a convenience, makes life easier and their job more lucrative for them. However, working from home is entirely different from working from the office. Here is a list of the top 5 work from home ideas.

First and foremost: Please be wary of scams and tricksters. You will come across many on your quest for work from home ideas. Never pay any money upfront to get started on a work from home job.

Work from home idea #1: Freelance services

If you can offer your expertise online, you can make use of ‘freelance listing’ websites. Many websites act as the marketplace for procuring freelance jobs. These websites offer a platform for both job providers and job seekers.

These websites offer a safe way to procure jobs and get the payment for the work done since the exchanges are monitored and controlled.

Some very popular websites include Elance,, Getafreelancer and ODesk. This is a good method to jump-start your freelancing career.

Working with the help of these websites, you can gain invaluable experience and set your own rates. However, it is important that you work with great commitment and dedication to display your credibility.

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How to earn money: These are freelance bidding websites, which offer opportunities for projects and assignments for writing, website designing, software development, testing, illustrations, administrative jobs and more.

To procure work from these websites, you need to register with them providing all the relevant professional information they ask for. After you become listed as a service provider in a particular category at these websites, you will get a few opportunities to place your bid. To win a bid, you need to show your competence to the prospective employers.

Work from home idea #2: Blogging

Though earning from blogs is not the easiest way to earn, you can surely earn from it. You can start a blog in a specific niche by posting interesting content regularly that can attract visitors and create readership. When you get some credibility for your blog, you can then post advertisements on it.

How to earn money: In fact, this website itself ( earns revenue from google adsense, Infolink ads, affiliate marketing, and other revenue streams. More on that in a different post!

Work from home idea #3: Set up an online business

Many people across the world are running successful online businesses. To make their business a success, they have learned the nuances of marketing, sales, promotion and drawing web traffic. Setting and running an online business is surely cheaper than operating a traditional business. There are many online business-building sites, which can get you off the ground instantly.

For example: Tools like Site Build it (SBI) help you create your own online web business pretty quickly. Many people are earning millions from their online ventures.

How to earn money: Since the internet is a like huge ocean of opportunities, you can convert any instance into an earning opportunity depending upon your zeal, creativity and idea. For instance, you can create an eStore to sell variety of products. Or if you own a business locally, you can expand your reach globally by offering your products and service online through a website.

Work from home idea #4: Sell products at ebay

One excellent way to earn online is to sell products at eBay, the largest online marketplace. You can virtually sell any product at eBay since millions of visitors come to eBay daily. To sell at eBay, you only need a computer, an internet connection and the products to sell.

How to earn money: You can create a seller’s account at eBay and list your products in specific category to get targeted visitors to your eBay product page. eBay provides several tools to sellers to help them promote their products. Since eBay has strong ranking on search engine results, whenever a potential buyer searches for a product, eBay pages are shown quickly in the top results.

Work from home idea #5: Write and Sell an eBook

Since the internet is all about information, you can create an eBook about the topics which people are looking for. For instance, you can create an eBook about the “How to Start an Online Business.” Of course, you need excellent writing skills and an idea to write about! People are hungry about information; they need expert advice, which you can provide. Thus, create an eBook and sell it.

How to earn money: You can sell your eBook by creating an eBook store or sell your ebook on Amazon, eBay or similar sites.


Whatever way you decide to earn when you work from home, the most important thing is you learn the tips and tricks of that job. Another important thing is that working from home requires a particular type of discipline that you need to follow if you want to be successful.

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