Top 5 Personal Development Mistakes

When searching for ways to improve your personality, have you ever thought of any mistakes you might be committing during the process? Actually, most of us often tend to ignore those mistakes that have high potential to hamper our personal development.

This post lists those common mistakes which most people commit, but are either unaware of or they just ignore.

Mistake #1: Are you focusing too much on your weakness?

This is one blunder many people tend to commit. They keep wasting their energy and brains over fixing their weaknesses, which is actually a natural human tendency.
However, you will get better results when you focus all your energy on developing your strengths. Following the 80/20 rule, which says, you will get 80% results from your 20% efforts. Your success depends upon the strengths you bring forward to do any task/job.

The best thing is to focus all your efforts to develop you top 20% skills and talents and avoid too much focus on remaining 80%.

You can create your own system to avoid those unused skills. The moral of the story is to focus on what is good about you.

Mistake #2: Are you setting vague goals?

If you are setting vague goals like “I want to become a better person,” you will get vague results. Vague goals do not produce real results.

To get expected results from your personal development efforts, set real goals; for instance, you can say “I will lose 20 Kg weight in one year.”

Though it is quite a huge task, it is achievable and you can achieve it with determination.

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Mistake #3: Are you grappling with a variety of information?

Most often, before starting programs on personal development, people tend to try to gather too much information from every resource they can lay their hands on. Moreover, their zeal starts weakening in the process of gathering information.

You can improve your personality by taking real actions rather than just collecting information.

For instance, to lose weight, there are hundreds of theories and hundreds of diet and exercise programs. However, you will not lose weight if you just keep reading about those programs. You will lose weight only when you stick to one program and follow it completely.

Mistake #4: Are you not getting any tangible results on personal development ?

You are working on your personal development, but are not getting any tangible results. Is this the case with you? If yes, then you are not on the right track of personal development.

On the other hand, if you see yourself really improving, you should see some concrete results in terms of money, confidence or influence.

For instance, if you learn more skills, you should be able to command more income. Similarly, when it comes to confidence and influence, you should be able to accomplish jobs with better confidence and people will value your opinions more.

Mistake #5: Do you fear failure?

You might fear failure as it is just a natural feeling and nobody works towards failure. However, failure can be your biggest guru, mentor and motivator.

No one can teach you like failure. (Tweet this)

My advice is: work for success; do not fear failure. The only thing is, keep your spirits high even after a failure; rise again and run faster than ever, learning from your previous mistakes.


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