Problem Solving – How To Tackle Life’s Problems

Problem Solving

Life is a constant struggle. Each one of us faces problems in his/her life in one way or another. In order to lead a happy and successful life we have to be a good problem solver. Problem solving skills are one of the basic life skills required to survive and succeed in this competitive and hard world.

What is Problem Solving?

Problem solving is the process that involves your abilities to resolve an issue and come out with a feasible solution. Every individual has his/her own way to solve or deal with the problems they encounter:

  • Some of us learn from real life examples or observing other people handling similar situations.
  • Others learn to deal with problems on their own when they actually face them in practical life.
  • Now, the question is, whichever way we learn and choose to solve our problems, is it easy solving problem in day-to-day life or, do we FACE PROBLEMS while SOLVING PROBLEMS.

Whenever we face a problem or a challenge in life, however big or small it is, we do go through certain stages of problem solving mentally:

  • To begin with, we identify the problem.
  • Then, we look for possible solutions to deal with the problem.
  • Next we choose the best possible solution which will work best in that problem situation.
  • Finally, we implement the best solution to overcome our problem.

Apart from these stages, we should also be able to look at the following qualities of becoming an effective problem solver:

  • Determination to solve a problem
  • Remaining calm and patient while dealing with a problem
  • Taking problems as a challenge
  • Being analytical, thoughtful and creative
  • Adequate information of possible solutions
  • Ability to implement the best solution appropriately

Case Study

Robert’s older brother wanted to buy some electronic spare parts for his computer urgently, but he had to go out for a meeting, so he asked Robert to go and get them for him.

He wrote the specifications on a piece of paper and left. Robert left for the electronic store after some time had passed. The market was at a distant place and it took him more than an hour to reach there.

After reaching the store, he realized that he had left that paper mentioning the details at home. He panicked and without thinking about a solution to this problem, he went back home, got the paper and came back to the electronic store. By the time he reached the electronic store again, it had already closed for the day. He returned home empty-handed. His brother was back and asked him what took him so long.

Robert narrated the whole incident to his brother. His brother got upset, but then he told him, instead of coming back home to get the paper, if Robert would have called him and asked him about the details, then he would have told him again and it would have saved him from this trouble.

Robert realized that he did not look for an alternate solution for his problem. If he would have done so, it would have been lot easier for him.



We all have different ways of looking at our problems and we solve them according to our own sensibilities.

But we should always remember that when we are stuck in a problem situation, it is always good to think of possible solutions to solve our problem and then apply the best one for that situation.

Using such an approach helps explore different ways of problem solving and we become more thoughtful, analytical and creative. Remember, when we face a problem and successfully solve it, we become more confident in ourselves, grow as a person, and become more independent in handling our lives.

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Varsha Tyagi is a Master's in Psychology with 5 years of Experience as a Life Skills Coach and a Counseling Psychologist. She has worked with many schools, colleges and corporates as a Counselor and a Life Skills Trainer and dealt with both children and adults. She is currently working as a Life Skills Facilitator with an organization.

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