Solitude has Pluses Too

solitude The term lone wolf can apply to some humans too. Although people tend to say “ poor thing” she is single or he is a crusty bachelor they don’t stop to think that perhaps the person is leading a single life by choice. Personally I feel one doesn’t have to toe the line society sets down. It is not Step 1: education Step 2: marriage Step 3: kids and so on. Being single (or not) is a choice one makes and many are happy and rejoice in their solitude.

What exactly is solitude?

Solitude is the state when you are alone and enjoy being so. This leads to self-awareness. Very often a person can be in perfect bliss in the company of self. Many get in touch with nature, the beauty around, deep thought, and inner richness and growth.

Single can be Bliss

Imagine no taking care of a life-partner, hardly any responsibilities, no endless financial jugglery or loads of cooking and washing. Single life may be much easier and not many compromises need to be made. Many single people have zillions of friends for a weekend out or Friday night out.

When not in a mood they travel or just stay at home. The world is an open platter and there is nothing to hold a single man or woman from exploring the world, being an adventurer, nurturing interests like poetry, philosophy, being an author or things like that. I have over the years had many friends who have chosen to be single.

One was a lady who was (as she called it) an armchair traveler; she read so much that she could speak of places all over the world as though she had personally experienced every culture. So one can be happy being single too!

Solitude could be inner peace

When one is calm and happy from within, there is a certain balance and peace. The mind does not wander and there is no constant search for happiness from outside. Very often it is reaching out for love, acceptance, and respect that create a want within and a storm. One then tends to feel dissatisfied with life and seek greener pastures (perceived).

Those who lead busy and balanced lives are happy from within and do not give in to pressures of society, family, colleagues, or friends. They make their choices and find an inner peace in their lives. Many women today are single and manage their lives; they work, buy homes, invest their money, join clubs, and pursue interests.

At one time single persons would hesitate to dine out alone or even see a movie, today it is not so. One can find many people dining alone and enjoying their meal. The key is to know what you want in life and find it. Rules are very often archaic. A girl does not have to marry when she turns twenty-one or a man settle down when he is thirty. The magic is to live life for yourself and not for others.

Don’t mistake solitude for loneliness

The difference is that solitude is a choice one makes while loneliness is imposed and a sad state. There are wonderful poems that extoll the treasure that is solitude. Many confuse loneliness with solitude but they are two varying states of existence. Solitude experts say  it is a positive and constructive state while loneliness is a negative state which leads to isolation, despair and sometimes suicide. Solitude helps one balance life and gain inner synchrony and even those who choose to live within society surrounded by people should try solitude once in a while to get time to explore within.


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