Sleep and Happiness – Are they Connected?

Sleep and Happiness

They say sleep on your worries . . . is that true? Are sleep and happiness connected? Well, it is quite simple and you will definitely improve your sleep after you have read this article.

Sleep is an important part of any healthy diet, because a lack of it affects hormones that control appetite. Sleep deprivation appears to decrease the amount of leptin (the good hunger hormone) and increase the amount of ghrelin (the bad hunger hormone) in the body.

Sleep to wake up fresh

Sleep and happiness are intertwined. Sleep is the medicine for various illnesses that we have heard of, but did you know that it can also help you get productive and stay focused so that you can reach a goal that will make you happy? Now I ask you, are you sleeping well?

Well most of the answers that I received were no! That was not a surprise to me and I know it isn’t for you either.

Happiness consists in getting enough sleep, just that, nothing more. – Robert A. Heinlein (Tweet this)

Almost all people and people from every profession do not get enough sleep. So if you think you are alone . . . there’s lots of company all over the world! This is a very serious condition. You get that weird feeling during work hours. Your head aches painfully. Irritability is experienced even if someone is simply talking to you.

Focusing is simply impossible. Wow! Isn’t this a condition that can ruin your life if it goes on for long?

Just go to sleep and see how fresh you will feel. The energy that you need is brought to you by resting your body and mind. If you had a good night’s sleep a big smile will appear on your lips, and yes, you will definitely frown if you had a bad night.

Did you know the benefits of good sleep begin by making your family happy just by your being with them in a cheerful mood?

How does sleep help?

Sleep is the right medicine for happiness. There are plenty of reasons supporting this. Just like I mentioned earlier, sleep induces happiness at home. This is because you are happy with yourself and when your mind relaxes, you get a good night’s sleep. You can work well when your mind is relaxed and you can think clearly.

Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together. – Thomas Dekker (Tweet this)

Mind has a great influence over our body, which is why you should give importance to sleep. A healthy body can be attained only with a healthy mind. If you concentrate on your work, everything is set and your boss is happy with you.

Your health too is more improved and the frequent illnesses that you face will be reduced drastically. Tensions at work can make you confused and you will be unable to focus. This in-turn can affect your work and sleep as well. It becomes a circle that never ends. Sleep is definitely a factor in happiness.

Ways to improve sleep

Now you would ask how a mind can stay relaxed when there is so much stress at home, work, with colleagues, banks, children etc. The answer to this question lies within you. So how can it be achieved?

Prepare a program

Yes, just like your kids go to bed early and rise early, you too have to follow a program strictly. Yes, no late nights or late mornings. You have to let go of your Sunday morning sleep as well! Remember even if you had very little sleep you have to get up early.

Sleep deprivation can cause much trouble. You cannot enjoy any happy moment or stay attentive if you are struggling due to lack of proper sleep.

Exercise daily

Exercise can help you stay relaxed. Your mind is active along with your body. Increase your heart rate during the morning and see how good you feel when you go to sleep.

Activities at night

Say ‘NO’ to alcohol, tea, coffee and aerated drinks. You should relax before you go to bed. You can drink warm milk or have a warm bath. Late night parties are over, for good. Prepare a bed that is welcoming.

The sheets should be clean and there should be not TV here. A bedroom should be quite, comfortable and calm. Of course, the smart phone is switched off as well.


Sleep and happiness are interconnected. A healthy body and mind can only spread happiness and balancing stress at work will be much easier. Sleep is an important factor in happiness.

Good sleep patterns keep you alert, fit and better able to cope with stressful situations. So, if you can’t stop thinking how everyone else is to blame, you might want to pause to consider how many hours you’ve been clocking in bed each night.

Realize the relation between sleep and happiness before it’s too late. Restoring healthy sleep habits not only will help you live longer, it will help you live happier!


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