Overcome Self doubt – Believe in Yourself

Self doubt is your biggest enemy. Everyone knows that to live in this world you need to have lots of courage, confidence and attitude so that you achieve what you have set out for. Yes, there are going to be obstacles in your way, some things unexpectedly come out of the blue and you are aghast as you cannot deal with them immediately.

So what happens next? Self doubt. You think you are not good enough and retreat into a cell that was built by you. Many people do come out of it after a while and that is because they know how to fight it out and also recognize their faults and have the guts to start all over again.

Living in self doubt

Self doubt is nothing but your enemy and a toxin that stays in your body and mind and shatters you from within. With self doubt you are unable to think rationally and also take the blame upon yourself and think of how unworthy you are. There are many people who go through these feelings. They need help from friends and close ones. The earlier the better or else it will take deep root within and make it difficult to uproot such feelings.

When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt ~ Honore de Balzac (Tweet this)

Persons in self doubt will always think of themselves as someone who does not have what it takes to succeed. The loss is such that they think they are useless, losers and even failures in every aspect. Success, they think, is not for them.

Self doubt is a state of ambivalence regarding your capacity to achieve your cherished goal. This lack of confidence can give way to hesitation and indecisiveness. If not dealt with, it can mislead us from our objective. Acceptance of such negative feelings turns it into a belief and things get out of hand and the moment comes when one stops attempting anything and gives up all hope as well.

The suicidal tendencies start creeping in, in their minds. For them, life seems nasty to the extent that they start loving death and the idea of dying as for them everything just ends up right there.

Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself ~ Cicero (Tweet this)

Addressing self doubt

It is very difficult to come out of it. I won’t say that everyone does come out of it easily. But if you are willing to give life a second chance, then you will definitely come out of self doubt and if not, then nobody can help you. First of all remember, expectations give rise to failure, and failure leads to fear and self doubt.

I’m not saying that there should not be expectations. Yes you do have expectations or results from what you do. But if things do not rise up to your expectations, then the problem arises.

What I am trying to say is when you have expectations also remember that you are human and there can be mistakes, which you should be prepared for. While venturing into new avenues. It is a must for everyone to take into consideration the results of the venture, and the consequences it will have on your life.


The better you become at identifying hidden doubts, the easier it will be to overcome them. When you suffer from self doubt, you have to take it as a measure for your success.

Yes, you have failed, because you tried, but if you never try, how will you know if you are good or not. May be you are not good at some things in life, so look at other things that have helped you smile and given you a sense of achievement. It can be anything small or insignificant to others, but may be you are happy with it. Take a look at what you have achieved and not at what you have failed at.

Failures and success go hand-in-hand and if someone blames you for it, take it with a stride and accept it without having any negative thoughts about it. Get back the self confidence and try again, maybe you will get a lesson or two from the past failures. Over come self doubt and believe in yourself for, we have to be our own best fan!


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