Relaxation Techniques to Beat Stress – 9 Ways

Stress Relaxation Techniques

Stress has become a way of life in today’s world.  Stress relaxation techniques act as inhibitors to further stress and help you rejuvenate and bring back balance to your life.

Even with the plethora of labor-saving devices available for our use, we find ourselves strapped for time as we try and cram in as much as we can in 24 hours. To remain competitive, we set impossible targets for ourselves and flog ourselves when we fail to overachieve.

The world has become increasingly materialistic and human relationships end up as causalities. Only the fittest can survive today and it has become a necessity to practice some form of  stress relaxation techniques.

Research has proven that stress lowers the body’s resistance and makes it more vulnerable to disease. One way to relieving all physical ailments is to beat stress.

A few effective ways of stress relaxation techniques are:

1. Positive visualization

Stress is an outcome of fear and insecurity. By refusing to allow negativity to creep into our psyche, we allow room for positive thoughts to take root. In a stressful situation, visualizing a positive outcome immediately calms the mind.

2. Taking time to organize tasks

Stress is a result of poor time management. If we take some time off to think about the tasks scheduled for the day, prioritize the tasks and plan our day, we are less stressed and more in control of our time. As the proverb says, we need to sharpen our axe before cutting down a tree.

3. Exercise

Even the lightest exercises help in cutting down stress. When we exercise the body, we allow our tensed muscles to relax. The body releases endorphins which are mood-elevating hormones. Stress relaxation techniques are helpful tools for coping with stress and promoting long-term health.

Exercise strengthens our body and promotes resistance to diseases. Walking is a great exercise to take when we are stressed. A walk in the open takes our mind of our worries as our eyes and ears are occupied with the sights and sounds outside.

4. Music

Listening to music calms the mind and increases the brain’s alpha waves. Listening to Instrumental music, classical music and film melodies de-stresses us and leaves us in a mellow, positive frame of mind.

A note of caution here: rock music and music heard at high volumes work the reverse on the mind. This kind of music leaves the mind extremely agitated.

5. Meditation

Meditation is the effort to empty the mind of all thoughts. Meditation is a state of mind where the mind is extremely calm, breathing is even and thoughts are focused.

Under times of stress, we should find a calm spot to sit. By closing our eyes and focusing on breathing in and out, we find fewer thoughts flitting through the mind. Just a few minutes of this exercise brings down our stress levels. We can also undertake to meditate daily for up to 15 minutes in the morning to have a calm start to the day.

6. Deep breathing

When the mind is absolutely calm, breathing is even, slow and deep. When we are agitated, we find ourselves taking sharp, shallow breaths.

By making an effort to breathe deep and taking long, calming breaths, we are instructing the mind to calm down. To breathe deep, breaths should be taken from the abdomen rather than from the chest.

There are many yogasanas which teach us deep breathing and breath control and is the effective way of stress relaxation techniques.

7. Have a belly laugh

Laughter releases endorphins and elevates our mood. Watching a funny movie or reading a joke book are great stress busters. A hearty laughter is said to be the best medicine.

8. Spend time in the company of children

Spending time with children and playing with them enables us learn from their uncomplicated outlook on life. Children live in the moment and never harbor grudges—a quality that stress relief is all about.

9. Enjoy the beauty of nature

It is good to stop and try to watch the raindrops, moving clouds and other small wonders of nature around us. This habit helps in beating stress as you develop a positive outlook.


Let not stress become stumbling blocks in our lives. We need to maintain our health and sanity at all times to be a winner in this game of life. Stress Relaxation Techniques are a great way to help you to manage your stress and perform more effectively.

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