Public Speaking – How to Make Powerful Public Speeches

Public Speaking

Public speaking is a skill we’d all like to master. Why are some people so good at it? What makes someone so riveting? Let’s understand a few little secrets of public speaking.

The Greatest Secret of Public Speaking

The first secret of public speaking might surprise you. Read this post to find out.

The Second Greatest Secret of Public Speaking

Public speaking is all about connecting. After silence and self introspection, you step up to the podium. So what’s the next step? Find out the second greatest secret here

What does public speaking look like?

People are not afraid of public speaking but they are afraid of the judgment they think accompanies it. Find out what public speaking looks like and what will make your speech riveting!

Speaking is one of the most natural and most rewarding experiences one can have.  For many people, standing up in public and giving a speech is one of their greatest fears. Even for a student, it is often difficult to stand and speak in front of the class but practice makes it easier in the long run.

Advantages of Public Speaking

The first question that hits most of us when asked to deliver a speech is the same, “Why should I speak?” Don’t worry there are ample reasons to answer this question.

  • You should speak as you have many ideas and feelings that you have always wanted to share.
  • There are too many people waiting to listen to your experiences, opinions and achievements and are ready to get inspired and change their lives.
  • You have been listening to others and have seldom found any good speeches delivered. Don’t you feel you should bring about a change and show the world how easy it is to be a dynamic speaker?

Give it a Kick Start

Believe “Yes, I can.” Even this initial message to your subconscious mind will provide you with enough boost and trigger the right enthusiasm to carry on the task without fear or dilemma.

Preparing a speech

  1. The most vivid ideas related to your speech strike your mind right when you are assigned the task. The first thing you must do then is to jot down these ideas in a notebook.
  2. Come up with an apt topic as per the occasion where you are supposed to deliver the speech and try to stick to the subject instead of hovering away from the subject matter. Organization matters at all levels. You need to outline your speech by placing your initial thoughts one after the other in a logical fashion. It should look as if one idea is leading to the next one.
  3. You need to give due consideration your audience. Their age, background, time of the day and place also need to be taken care of.
  4. You need not write a speech and then memorize it in between lines. This is really not praiseworthy. A better idea would be to gather as much information as possible regarding the subject and jot them down in your mind to create a plan that will be delivered in an easy natural way by you to your audience.

Rehearsing your speech

  1. The popular and time-tested idea of rehearsing in front of a mirror is not at all a bad idea, until you do it with your eyes closed!
  2. You can also record your own voice while rehearsing in an empty room and listen to your own flaws once you have finished. This can be repeated over and over again to gain perfection.
  3. You can also try practicing in front of your friends, family or spouse to strengthen your confidence.

Conclusion – Public Speaking

The basic idea behind being a successful public speaker is to be yourself. Stay away from big words which neither you nor the audience understand. Steer clear of quoting others as many times you will end up misquoting them and also, the audience is patiently waiting to listen to your ideas and not someone else’s.

You can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart. ~ John Ford (Tweet this)

Efficient public speaking skills are required wherever you need to express yourself. A positive approach can help you communicate efficiently thereby, making you even more confident.

In short, being a good public speaker can enhance your reputation, boost your self-confidence and open up countless opportunities. Speaking in front of others will instill confidence in you.

There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave. ~  Dale Carnegie (Tweet this)

With the above points in mind, you can always successfully express yourself (provided you are well-prepared and in the right frame of mind).

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