Power of Appreciation – Are Appreciation Words Good or Bad

Power of Appreciation

My husband came home with a big question on his mind about the power of appreciation. He was stuck in this huge dilemma about whether or not he should show public appreciation to the best performer in his office. His next dilemma, in case he decided to, was wondering if it will demotivate other team members afterwards.

The power of appreciation as a source of happiness

It helps people effectively deal with adversity and stay positive in the midst of change and challenges. When you genuinely appreciate someone, you make him believe in his potential and help him perform at his best.

As a child I remember if my teacher or mother praised my work I actually used to feel happy and get motivated to perform better. Admiration and recognition helped me to raise my personal bar… doing more than what I had previoulsy attained.

I would rather be able to appreciate things I cannot have than to have things I am not able to appreciate ~ Elbert Hubbard (Tweet this)

To my mind appreciation definitely works wonders in personal growth. It is a tonic for your soul and self-respect. After very hard effort, if your work is appreciated it boosts your self-confidence, morale and gives you the enthusiasm to achieve new heights.

To achieve their goal, corporate sectors apply different strategies for acknowledging and appreciating the work of their employees so that they get motivated and this does wonders for their organizations.

It is human nature that we long for appreciative words, whether it is related to physical beauty, or even a simple recipe created by your child. Appreciation is a source of happiness too.

Can the power of appreciation be bad?

Just when I thought I understood it, I was floored when one of my colleague said “Wow! The boss liked my work! Now I can relax. It’s going to be easy.” Does acceptance of our work makes us complacent and tell us not to expend more effort? Not to polish ourselves? Not to achieve more?

Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well ~ Voltaire (Tweet this)

Yes, the power of appreciation, if it goes to your head, can work against you. One becomes careless and over-confident resulting in a downward trend and blocking further growth and once this happens your downfall is assured.

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A genuine and sincere appreciation works wonders and plays an important role in forming our personality. So, yes, strive hard to be appreciated. However, having a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the things in your life is an important part of being happy and content as well. The gratitude can help to keep the complacency at bay.

Keep a Gratitude Journal. Each day, write down several things that you are grateful for in your life. Remembering the kind gestures of others can definitely make your life more enjoyable.

What little things do your family members do for you that you really appreciate? A lot of the time we know we appreciate these people and the reasons for it but unless we show them and shower them with appreciative words they won’t know. People are not mind readers.

Also using the power of appreciation to help others will make you feel better about yourself as well. It will also increase the likelihood they’ll invest more in their work, and in you. The human instinct for reciprocity runs deep.

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