6 Personal Development Programs Everyone Should Know About

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When I started out on my journey in personal development, I was devouring every article and book on the subject area. One interesting new idea lead me on to read about, or dig deeper into, another one, thus opening up my knowledge and interest in the subject. I must say it was pretty time consuming even though I enjoyed it immensely. Yet although spending lots of hours learning was a deliberate choice and a pleasure for me, I am aware that this might not the ideal path for everyone.

Many people in fact touch upon personal development topics because they want to tackle a particular issue in their life they feel they need to improve or unblock. That means that you might be ready to invest some time in actually practicing that particular life skill but not necessarily spending too much time in digging up information. The good news is that there are many personal development experts who have created their own personal development programs aimed at helping people succeed in their particular area of expertise. Such personal development programs and tools can be an immensely helpful resource for those people who as mentioned above need to master a particular personal development topic without zig-zagging their way through piles of books and hours online.

Here is my personal pick of helpful personal development programs and resources that I have used or come across in my journey. Of course there are many different personal development products, some very good and some not so good, but I have chosen some products and programs that deal with fundamental areas of personal development – mainly mindfulness awareness, intention and manifesting your life’s purpose, personal empowerment and some cool mind tools in the mix.

Here are some hand-picked personal development programs for you:

1. OmHarmonics

This is actually a mind tool I always highly recommend. Omharmonics is a series of binaural beat tracks produced with high quality sound engineering and with a lot of good thought put into it. What are binaural beats? They are basically audio tracks that produce a frequency difference between left and right ear (hence a beat) which in turn ‘entrains’ the mind to enter into a certain brain wave frequency such as Alpha or Theta brain wave frequency (in a process called brain wave entrainment). This is a subject which highly interests me – because altering your brain waves is the key to entering deep states of consciousness where real transformative change is possible.

Basically when clusters of neuron cells in the brain communicate with each other they give off a certain electric signal within a certain frequency. When our brain is very active or stressed, for instance, it’s in a Beta wave frequency range. When in a calmer and mindful state, the waves slow down to ‘Alpha waves’. In the Alpha state the mind is more receptive to learning and is capable to focus, creating optimal states. Theta waves are even slower waves and are associated with deep meditative states or when we border between wakefulness and sleep. When in this deep state of consciousness we can truly access the program of our mind and change it such as reprogramming fears and beliefs that have been sabotaging us or empowering ourselves with new beliefs that are conducive to transformative change.

2. Creative Visualization

In this top rated program, Lisa Nichols shows how to use creative visualization and hack the subconscious blueprint to achieve anything you set your mind to. Visualization is a key tool in personal development. Why? Well let’s try an experiment. Imagine you have a  lemonflavored candy in front of you. Pick it up and put in your mouth. The sour lemon taste is now bursting in your mouth as it dissolves in your saliva.  What happened physically to you as you were visualizing it? Did you salivate? Very probably you did. So a simple visualization or projection in your mind gave rise to a physiological effect. Now imagine what a longer and more defined visualization can do.

The reason is that the subconscious mind will act on something whether it is coming from your external reality or simple a projection in your mind. Hence if we visualize our ideal self, our goals, a particular situation we would like to realize, we are instructing our subconscious mind to act on it. This is the power of visualization.

3. Love or Above

Energy healer and practitioner Christie Marie Sheldon has guided hundreds of thousands of people through this personal development course alone.  Energy healing has as its core the basic idea that everything in the universe is energy. Matter is ultimately energy and so are thoughts, emotions and consciousness. The main focus of the program is to understand how to raise the energetic frequency of our consciousness and start living a life full of abundance and health while discarding those negative energies that keep us stuck in unhelpful or self-sabotaging patterns. This will result in an overall dramatic positive life transformation.

4. Teach yourself Mindfulness

This is a carefully crafted course aimed at guiding you deeper through the practice of mindful living and mindfulness meditation. It’s a 10 week course, taught by teachers Benjamin Friedland and Barbara Cunnings. The course comes with an ebook and 10 high quality audio files with meditations. Overall this is a high quality product.

5. Mind Zoom

This is a product which I still haven’t tried but which interests me and is on my wish list. It seems very practical and helpful for those who are familiar with affirmations or would like to use affirmations but are finding it hard to integrate them in their daily life. Basically Mind Zoom is a software product that delivers thousands of positive commands  or affirmations on your computer at speeds that are undetectable by the eye. This is called a subliminal technique which means it bypasses your conscious processing but at the same time still affects the subconscious mind. The program can also be set to give out subliminal sound affirmation or a mix of text and sound. The cool thing is that you can script your own affirmations – tailored to your particular goal.

6. The Manifestation Miracle

This is a trending program for those who are interested in manifestation and the law of attraction. Heather Matthews put together an ebook and video that is based on the law of attraction but injects her own experiences and insights about why it doesn’t work at all for some people and how to overcome the problem. She presents her book as the ‘secret behind the secret’. The product is aimed at showing people a simple psychological technique that joins all the dots and puts all the pieces together with regards to manifestation and the law of attraction. If you have been struggling with intention and manifestation and would like to dig deeper in the subject, this would be something to put on your list.

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Gilbert Ross is a researcher, blogger, philosopher and online media expert. He teaches personal development topics through workshops and the online media, particularly about positive life transformations and unfolding the human potential.

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