Our Habits Make Us

Our Habits

We are what our habits make us. They are either moving us forward or holding us back. What would happen if we took rice instead of bread for making a sandwich or Roti instead of a Bun for making a burger?

The resulting sandwich or burger is not going to make us feel happy. We all want to be happy and peaceful yet we watch television soaps that show people being manipulative and political.

We want peace and inner security yet we talk ill about others at the first opportunity we get to do so. We want good relationships with others but we get angry at the drop of a hat and say rude things to others. Illogical, isn’t it?

If you truly desire inner peace, happiness and positive relationships in life, take care of what you are feeding your mind since that is the raw material you are supplying your mind. The end product and its quality will depend significantly on the raw material that gets processed inside your mind.

Can any recipe turn into a great dish when we use rotten or incorrect ingredients for it? You are the Master Chef of the Dish that is your Life, and the Thoughts you have are the ingredients you choose for creating this Dish.

Take Care of the Input

If you have a friend or family member you live with who is a constant source of bad habits and negativity, consider reducing your interaction with such a person since you want different things for yourself in life.

Increase the amount of positive information you feed your mind and your state of mind will remain positive almost automatically. Know your hobbies and things you enjoy doing clearly and spend your time engaged in those activities instead of passing time watching negatively exciting Television soaps.

Maira wanted to have a happy relationship with her husband as well as her parental family. But her parents had a strong dislike for her husband due to his rude attitude.

Though she tried to adapt and oversee his negative traits and focus on the positive ones instead, whenever she visited her parents or brothers, they would talk ill about her husband secretly.

She too got pulled into the conversation and talked ill about him with them. Inevitably, this spoiled her marital relationship since she could not maintain two types of opposing feelings for an individual and one of the most important relationships of her life suffered.

When she realized what was happening to her mind, she discouraged her family members from talking ill about her husband and started to direct them to his positive qualities as well.

When they saw a change in her attitude, they too stopped talking ill about her husband. She controlled the negative input that was responsible for spoiling her marital relationship.

Conclusion- Our Habits

Just like a child who grows up in a bad environment develops bad traits and habits; the environment we create for our minds determines and influences our thoughts.

It is not fair to force our minds to think positively when we expose it to violence and negativity on television soaps or when we spend hours talking ill about other people.

First we make our habits, then our habits make us. ~ Charles Noble (Tweet this)

Our habits need to be aligned with our core desires in life if we wish to attain happiness and satisfaction.

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